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Hot Tubs For Summer

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Hot Tubs For Summer Hot Tubs For Summer

Summer is here, officially, and that means some people turn away from their hot tubs, leaving them empty or at least covered and powered off. Don’t do that to your lovely hot tub ! You can still us it this summer.

The great thing about Arizona summer is it still gets cool at night! Deserts are perfect for pools and hot tubs or Jacuzzis together! You hop in the pool during the day to cool off or get some sweat-free exercise and after dinner the hot tub feels nice once the sun goes down. Temperatures drop as the sun approaches the horizon, so don’t forget how great those jets and hot water will feel.

Some people get hot tubs, spas, or Jacuzzis for join pain, back pain, arthritis, and other pain related issues. Bypass hot baths with epsom salts for those achy nights and hop in the hot tub for some relaxation and pain relief. Enjoy the sunset or watch the stars as you let the jets soothe your body from the neck down. Enjoy an after dinner beverage or spend some time with friends or loved ones outside.

Hot Tubs For SummerWhile above ground units do not increase your home value, they can increase your quality of life. Some pool owners opt for a connected spa for their in ground pool unit, increasing home value much like the pool itself does. Keep both above and inground options clean and running smoothly with weekly or monthly pool services from Pool daddy so you can continue enjoying your investment for years to come with less repairs and replacement parts. A hot tub works best when it’s clean and all of the parts are in good repair. Don’t forget about these small units just because they look and feel like they’re working properly. Much like a pool, underlying small issues can sneak up on you or go unnoticed and can lead to major electrical, plumbing, or safety issues.

Invite your father over to lounge in a Jacuzzi for the evening after you treat him to dinner. Send the kids to the pool for some night swimming and enjoy an evening in the hot tub with your husband or send them away to the movies or out with friends and invite over some of the other dads and have an adults only Father’s Day relaxation night.

Consider paying for your father’s pool maintenance for a week or two, or a special cleaning to give him some time off. Whatever you’ve done this Father’s Day, don’t forget about him and consider that sometimes the best gift is just taking something off of his Honey-Do list.

Have a safe summer, follow all safety rules and guidelines of your equipment and chemicals, and keep your pool maintenance technicians in mind when scheduling services—some services should not be done in the high heat.

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Vinyl Pool Liners: A Good Choice for Me?

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Vinyl Pool Liners: A Good Choice for Me?

We’ve talked about fiberglass and concrete pools recently, so it’s time to talk about vinyl pool. All types of pools have their perks and downsides, so it’s time to give vinyl a shot.

Vinyl Pool Liners: A Good Choice for Me?When someone says they have a vinyl liner for their pool it just means the interior surface is vinyl that is colorized chlorinated PVC thermoplastic vinyl. This is used as the waterproofing layer in different pool construction options. European, Canadian, and New Zealand pools are more often vinyl than any other type, but in the US, all three types are used pretty equally across the board. The Eastern and Southern US uses vinyl more than other areas because it’s usually less expensive than concrete options without sacrificing strength and durability.


  • Cheaper initial installation costs than both concrete and fiberglass, it’s great for those on a tighter budget. Most cost between $25,000 and $35,000.
  • Faster installation than concrete due to the amount of pieces that are made in a factory and the ease of installation. Most pools are installed in roughly 1 week.
  • Slightly lower chemical usage as compared to concrete.
  • Smooth finish only slightly beaten by fiberglass.
  • Lower lifetime cost than fiberglass, including energy efficiency.
  • Somewhat compatible with salt water systems (better than concrete).
  • Custom sizes and shapes are cheaper than fiberglass and concrete options.
  • Non porous surface keeps skin that touches the surfaces from feeling uncomfortable and decreased chemical usage in some cases.


  • Vinyl Pool Liners: A Good Choice for Me?Higher maintenance, installation speed, and chemical usage as compared to fiberglass.
  • Lower durability than concrete or fiberglass.
  • Significantly more expensive to maintain over the lifetime of the pool as compared to fiberglass.
  • Low factory controlled quality.
  • Low resale value and fewer available extra features since it isn’t seen as something as permanent as concrete and fiberglass and the high chance of expensive repairs.
  • Some limits as to size and shape.
  • Higher cost and frequency of liner replacement (5-9 years, approximately $4,000 to replace).
  • Warranties can be complicated and not very inclusive.
  • Areas such as sections where steps connect to the wall or areas behind lights can harbor a lot of growth.

If you want to install a fiberglass pool, keep in mind that there is different maintenance than concrete or fiberglass, but Pool Daddy technicians can help you with all of that. You may not want to install this option if you have a higher budget or you plan on living at that residence longer than the liner will last due to the increased cost. All pool types have their advantages and disadvantages, so weigh your options before installing a pool. Continue with research, ask around to your friends and neighbors, and talk to Pool Daddy about installation, repairs, replacements, and regular maintenance for all of your pool needs to keep any pool you choose to install running smoothly for as long as possible.

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Concrete Pools: Positives and Negatives

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Concrete Pools: Positives and NegativesConcrete Pools: Positives and Negatives

Last week we talked about fiberglass pool lining, and today we’re going to switch gears and talk about concrete pools. While they are very common, they do have their perks and downsides. For more information about different pool types, check out this site.


  • Durability and Strength: Concrete and fiberglass have similar durability, and higher durability than vinyl liners. It’s harder to cause damage to the concrete walls. Some pools can last up to 50 years, when taken care of properly. The base is sturdy though the main surfaces may need work every few years.
  • Features: Concrete pools offer a great number of available features, much like fiberglass. It’s easier to install custom tanning ledges for a concrete pool than vinyl.
  • Variety: These pools offer a greater variety of options of shapes and depths. Concrete pools can be made much deeper and bigger than other options.
  • Familiar: Most of us have been in a pool with concrete walls. It’s familiar, it’s trusted, and people know what to expect for the most part.
  • Upgrading: It’s easier to increase the size or alter the shape of a concrete pool.


  • Concrete Pools: Positives and NegativesHigh maintenance: Concrete pools can be harder to clean and they require extra chemical usage. Refinishing needs to be performed from time to time and algae grows more rapidly in concrete pools than other types. Concrete pools may need occasional acid washing and increased electricity usage.
  • Long installation times: The installation of concrete pools is a laborious task. The concrete needs to be mixed, poured, and set. Concrete pools often take up to six months to finish. Depending on weather, availability of supplies, location, and other factors, a pool may take only a few weeks to install if all goes right, but with any pool installation, a lot can go wrong.
  • Smoothness: Concrete pools tend to be less smooth than vinyl and fiberglass, overall. Prolonged exposure to the surfaces of the pool can cause discomfort on the feet—water shoes can be worn to solve this problem.
  • High initial cost: Concrete pools are the most expensive pools to install, with vinyl being the cheapest.
  • Salt water systems: It’s nearly impossible to have a concrete pool with a salt water system. This type of system can cause damage to the pool, increasing the frequency at which refinishing is needed. You can still install a salt system in a concrete pool but be prepared to resurface or remodel it quicker than other types of pool.
  • Color fade: The color or ting of your pool surfaces may fade quicker when made from concrete than other materials due to sunlight, chlorine, chemicals, and overall time. This can take 8-12 years to change significantly.

Concrete Pools: Positives and NegativesHow are they installed?

Concrete pools are sometimes called Gunite or Shotcrete because the concrete is shot from a gun-like device onto the steel-reinforced walls. Upon drying, there are a few options for finishing. Some are plastered smooth and then painted and finished with a textured aggregate surfaces or tiling. Some pools are installed similarly to the foundation of a house (structural concrete) and it’s usually used when pools are installed into hillsides.

Concrete pools are a perfectly acceptable option, but a lot of pool owners are leaning towards vinyl and fiberglass. For more pool information, stay tuned or call Pool Daddy!

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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.