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Pool Winterization Is Important

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Why Is Pool Winterization Important?Why Is Pool Winterization Important?

A lot of pool owners live in areas in which the temperatures stay fairly stable year round. Arizona is one of those states where you may not think to winterize your pool. However, it may be in your best interest to shut it down and winterize it for the off season. Below we’ll talk about some reasons you may need to fully winterize your pool.

  1. Lack of use: If you don’t plan on using your pool year round, full pool winterization may be in order. If you plan on using your pool throughout Fall and Winter, you may be able to get by without fully shutting the pool down, and you do not have to drain it. Properly winterizing your pool reduces what you need to do weekly or monthly to keep it in working condition for the Spring or Summer.
  2. Temperature: Here in the desert, it can get very cold (even rare below-freezing temperatures in some areas). Properly winterizing your pool will keep pipes from bursting or other problems from arising due to decreased temperatures once the sun goes down.
  3. Save money: If you’re only using your pool a few times throughout the off-season, you don’t need to be spending all of that time and money maintaining your pool. It’s up to you if the weekly maintenance, chemical testing, and cleaning are worth it to keep it open year round, but if you know the monthly cost of running your pool, you may want to close it for the months you won’t be using it.
  4. Save Time: Most of the time, once a pool is winterized, you don’t have to think about it until you want to open it back up. It may be wise to check the levels periodically to make sure the pool winterization kit is doing the job.

Why Is Pool Winterization Important?If you need your pool winterized this season, give us a call. Our team of professionals will get it done quickly and correctly so you can start focusing on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

In the meantime, use your pool as often as you can, and don’t neglect it. We have weekly pool services available for all of our customers at affordable prices. We can work with above-ground and in-ground pools as well as spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and more. Our services include cleaning, repair, installation of equipment, and more. If you have questions, concerns, requests, or require our services, don’t hesitate to call today.

We’ll get your pool winterization up in working condition in no time so you can enjoy it every day.

Our next post will discuss what to do if you want to keep your pool OPEN year round!

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Pool Winterization for Above-Ground Pools

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Pool WinterizationPool Winterization

Winter is coming! Well, Fall is coming first, but it’s never too early to think about pool winterization. We’ve discussed pool winterization before, with a focus on in-ground pools. Today we’ll talk about winterizing the above-ground pool. A lot of people just choose to drain their above-ground pools for the winter, but that can be damaging to the pool walls and it can be hard to do for pols which have been installed into decks. Some above-ground pools are designed to be taken down and stored, but the high quality ones are still a semi-permanent fixture on your property, so we’ll be focusing on those styles of pools.

Steps of Pool Winterization for Above-Ground Pool

  1. Balance: Balance your pool chemicals as you would for any other weekly or biweekly balancing. Make sure all of your chlorine and pH levels are at optimal levels to keep your equipment working properly.
  2. Debris: Vacuum or scrub debris off of your pool walls and floor. Getting it as clean as possible will make it easier to open back up in the Spring or Summer.
  3. Shock: Once the pool is clean you may want to shock it to kill any remaining algae. Measure out the amount of shock chemicals as needed per the volume of your pool.
  4. Chemicals: Pools need specific chemicals for Winter. Once the pool is clean and shocked, add the specific chemicals to further prevent algae growth. Run all systems for at least one cycle (usually up to 6 hours) to ensure the winterizing chemicals get through the filter sufficiently and the chemicals are properly spread throughout the pool.
  5. Pool WinterizationIn areas where ice is a problem, there are further steps to be taken to ensure no ice enters the system. Generally, the ice equalizer needs to be filled with up wo 2/3 air to ensure air doesn’t leave the system. Winter tabs are then added (per the directions on the individual product).
  6. Water Level: The water level must be lowered below the return line and the filter is to be disconnected and taken to a climate controlled area. Other equipment like skimmer and return fitting may require additional protection to prevent water damage in the off season.
  7. Cover: It is important to cover your now-winterized pool. Most covers feature cover clips, but other options may be available for your size and shape of pool. Proper cover will ensure your pool is as clean as possible throughout the winter.

If you have any questions or concerns about winterizing your pool, contact Pool Daddy and we can help you out. We also offer weekly services as well as emergency services for all of your above-ground and in-ground pools, as well as hot tubs and Jacuzzis!


Try these pool winterization tips!

Clean out the pool.

Balance the water chemistry.

Don’t let your chemicals damage your pool.

The #1 enemy: freezing

Be good to your pump and heater

No water in the pipes = no freeze damage

Clean the filter.

Your final freeze insurance: the flotation device

Last step: The winter cover.

Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.