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Winterize Pool

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 Do I Have To Winterize Pool?

Do I have to Winterize Pool ?

A lot of pool owners in Arizona use their pools year round—especially those who swim regularly for exercise. If you are one of those who wish to keep their pool open throughout the Autumn and Winter, we can help you out with that. With limited nights below freezing (or close to it), it’s usually very safe to keep your pool open, as long as you don’t neglect your regular care regimen.

Pools often get a little colder in the winter. While there are ways to heat it up, a lot of pool owners choose not to drain or winterize pool , but don’t use it when the water gets colder. Some do this on the off chance they’ll use it, and some just choose to keep up with the regular routine.

One of the hardest parts of keeping your pool open year round is maintaining the pH. The pH can increase much quicker when the temperatures drop, meaning you may have to alter the levels more frequently, and you’re more prone to stains popping up in your pool. Keeping these levels at their target range will make it much easier to get back into your pool in the Spring. Testing the levels once a week is recommended. Pool Daddy can provide these weekly services for you, just as we do in the Spring and summer! If you do choose to maintain your pool on your own, having a professional double check every month or so may be beneficial, as the sensitive equipment we use may be harder to come by commercially. We also may notice some trends you are missing, which can cause problems down the line.

 Do I Have To Winterize Pool?

Keep stains at by with regular skimming, brushing, vacuuming, and by keeping your skimmer baskets and filters clean. When this is neglected, stains and algae can run rampant, causing you more problems down the line. Take a little time out of your schedule every week or so to do some cleaning—or hire the professionals and stay warmer inside while we do our job.

If you are one of the lucky ones who either have a heating option (or you’re a dare devil and like your pool a little chilly), it’s incredibly important to make sure your pH levels and alkalinity are where they need to be, in order to keep you healthy. A clean pool is a happy pool, and a clean pool means happy swimmers. Keep an eye on your equipment and chemical balance to ensure you don’t have to have an emergency acid wash this Spring! If you need an acid washing , we can help with that, but   you don’t want to feel the need to get it done every year.

Winterize Pool? Call Pool Daddy today to schedule a visit or weekly services!

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Halloween Pool Party: Good Idea This November

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Halloween Pool PartyHalloween Pool Party

We’ve talked a bit this Fall about whether you should Winterize your pool or not. You still have a few months to decide if you’re considering closing it down for the actual winter. Fall is here to stay for a couple months, so if you plan on winterizing for just Winter, we’d love to give you some ideas on how to use your pool and give tips on keeping it clean and working properly until you shut it down (if you do).

We’re a few days into October, and social media is filled with people getting ready for Halloween. “It’s the 4th day of Halloween,” some of your more Halloween obsessed friends may be saying. Let’s plan an amazing Halloween Pool  Party that people will be talking about for years, with a little help from your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi.

If you love Haunted houses, what better way to add some flare than to make your pool look like a foggy swamp (with dry ice or a fog machine) or throw in some sea monster decorations or fake corpses. You could even have people jumping in and out of the pool in interesting creepy costumes. Or you could drain your hot tub and have some fake limbs coming out of the cover, or have someone pop out while guests are being led past it! The possibilities are endless. In fact, even if you’ve closed your pool or hot tub for the year, you could incorporate many ideas into a haunted house.

If you’re not as fond of the jump scares, gore, and creepy costumes, you could throw a great Halloween Pool Party and invite people to take a dip in your pool or warm up in the Jacuzzi. Be careful with that, however. Someone may want to show up in a full costume and want to take a dip. We’d recommend you inform guests that it’s best if no one wearing a costume or makeup gets in the pool. Put up some Halloween decorations, get some pumpkin-colored beach balls or some spooky pool toys and go nuts.

Halloween Pool Party

As cool as this could look for Halloween, don’t let it stay green too long! Regular cleaning is a must.

No matter what you do this Halloween, be safe. If you’re involving your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi, be warned that you may want to have a thorough cleaning after the party to remove any candy wrappers, food debris, costume pieces, and other Halloween related trash, gunk, or junk. We offer weekly services as well as non-scheduled cleaning and maintenance to suit your needs.

We hope you have a wonderful Autumn. If you’re keeping your pool open, don’t neglect it. You may need to do just as much work in the Fall as you do in the Summer. Pool Daddy is here to answer questions and help you keep your pool clean and in the best working condition it can be in.

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Commercial Pool Maintenance and Services

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Commercial Pool Maintenance and Services

Dust rolling in towards the swimming pool on a stormy Phoenix summer evening.

Commercial Pool Maintenance and Services

Many homes in Arizona are equipped with beautiful pools and hot tubs, but many residents rely on commercial pools, community pools, therapy pools, and gym swimming and recreation areas to get their swimming, soaking, and water exercising fix. This week we’ll discuss why it’s important to have regular maintenance performed on your commercial pool or public pool.

If people are paying to use your pool, you need to keep it clean and in working order. A pool which does not have all of the elements working properly can lead to health concerns, hazards, and other costly problems. With many daily users, proper cleaning becomes vital and it can be more time consuming than cleaning a residential pool. Having your pool regularly cleaned and your equipment checked will keep your guests safe and your elements (heater, pumps, filters, etc.) working properly, prolonging their lifetime.

Pools are a great way to improve the value of a rental property (if there is a community pool or complex pool) so, keeping it open as long as possible during the year is beneficial to tenant happiness and rent costs. Keeping your pool in great working order will keep tenants happier and more eager to pay a little more to be able to access the pool. This can also work for hotels and gyms.

Water is a great tool to aid exercise. The resistance water provides is great for aerobic activities, muscle development, relaxation, and physical therapy. Hot tubs or other related hot-water elements are great for physical therapy and relaxation. Having these is a great way to help out patients in a hospital or care facility and it’s a great addition to a gym.

Public or community pools (like at recreation or senior centers) are a great way to keep kids out of trouble and provide safe fun for families. Opening the pool and closing it at the appropriate times of the year will help keep everything running smoothly and regular maintenance will decrease the work needed to open and close it every year.

Hiring a professional pool cleaning and maintenance company is a great way to ensure everything is running smoothly. Hiring a maintenance crew for general work at any facility is helpful, but unless they have training dealing with pools, hot tubs, spas, and Jacuzzis, they may not be able to properly backwash filters, check for cracks, or service the heaters and pumps. Hiring regular professionals to work on your pool is the best way to protect your investment so your guests can enjoy it for years to come. We offer pool opening and closing services, emergency services, and weekly pool cleaning and maintenance. Call today to schedule a visit.

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Concrete Pools: Positives and Negatives

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Concrete Pools: Positives and NegativesConcrete Pools: Positives and Negatives

Last week we talked about fiberglass pool lining, and today we’re going to switch gears and talk about concrete pools. While they are very common, they do have their perks and downsides. For more information about different pool types, check out this site.


  • Durability and Strength: Concrete and fiberglass have similar durability, and higher durability than vinyl liners. It’s harder to cause damage to the concrete walls. Some pools can last up to 50 years, when taken care of properly. The base is sturdy though the main surfaces may need work every few years.
  • Features: Concrete pools offer a great number of available features, much like fiberglass. It’s easier to install custom tanning ledges for a concrete pool than vinyl.
  • Variety: These pools offer a greater variety of options of shapes and depths. Concrete pools can be made much deeper and bigger than other options.
  • Familiar: Most of us have been in a pool with concrete walls. It’s familiar, it’s trusted, and people know what to expect for the most part.
  • Upgrading: It’s easier to increase the size or alter the shape of a concrete pool.


  • Concrete Pools: Positives and NegativesHigh maintenance: Concrete pools can be harder to clean and they require extra chemical usage. Refinishing needs to be performed from time to time and algae grows more rapidly in concrete pools than other types. Concrete pools may need occasional acid washing and increased electricity usage.
  • Long installation times: The installation of concrete pools is a laborious task. The concrete needs to be mixed, poured, and set. Concrete pools often take up to six months to finish. Depending on weather, availability of supplies, location, and other factors, a pool may take only a few weeks to install if all goes right, but with any pool installation, a lot can go wrong.
  • Smoothness: Concrete pools tend to be less smooth than vinyl and fiberglass, overall. Prolonged exposure to the surfaces of the pool can cause discomfort on the feet—water shoes can be worn to solve this problem.
  • High initial cost: Concrete pools are the most expensive pools to install, with vinyl being the cheapest.
  • Salt water systems: It’s nearly impossible to have a concrete pool with a salt water system. This type of system can cause damage to the pool, increasing the frequency at which refinishing is needed. You can still install a salt system in a concrete pool but be prepared to resurface or remodel it quicker than other types of pool.
  • Color fade: The color or ting of your pool surfaces may fade quicker when made from concrete than other materials due to sunlight, chlorine, chemicals, and overall time. This can take 8-12 years to change significantly.

Concrete Pools: Positives and NegativesHow are they installed?

Concrete pools are sometimes called Gunite or Shotcrete because the concrete is shot from a gun-like device onto the steel-reinforced walls. Upon drying, there are a few options for finishing. Some are plastered smooth and then painted and finished with a textured aggregate surfaces or tiling. Some pools are installed similarly to the foundation of a house (structural concrete) and it’s usually used when pools are installed into hillsides.

Concrete pools are a perfectly acceptable option, but a lot of pool owners are leaning towards vinyl and fiberglass. For more pool information, stay tuned or call Pool Daddy!

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Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?

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Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?

Fiberglass is a popular option for pool surfaces, so if you’re considering building a pool in the near future you may want to keep reading.

Generally, fiberglass pools require less cleaning than other surfaces. The fiberglass is smoother than other surfaces, causing less debris and algae to stick to the walls. Because of the type of material it tends to be the most expensive option for pool surfaces, but the overall quality and care makes it worth it.

Shapes, Sizes, and More:

Fiberglass allows for any size or shape of pool, but unlike other pool types they have to be made and then transported to the final resting spot at your home. This limits the sizes available for fiberglass pools, but makes a great option for unusual sizes or shapes. They can accommodate any added feature other pools can including added decking, steps, attached hot tubs, waterfalls, and more.

On top of custom sizes and shapes, fiberglass pools can also feature a cantilever deck which can then be combined with different pool finishes (tile, pebble, etc).

Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Building/Installation:

Fiberglass, if you didn’t already know, is lightweight and created by weaving glass threats together into a fabric. A polyester resin is then added to hold and keep the shape as well as harden the fiberglass. A weather-resistant gel is then added to give it the smooth finish it’s known for. After completion it is transported to your home and placed in the dugout hole. It can be completed in as little as 1-3 days, depending on the excavation and electrical work and the scheduling of the formation of the pool.


Most fiberglass pools maintain their pH levels with less monitoring and often do not have as much algae build up as concrete or vinyl pools. This can save you time on cleaning and money on chemical balancing chemicals. And of course, the less time and money you need to spend on your pool maintenance the more you can spend on cool new pool toys!

Most spots or water line markings can be cleaned with a sponge or rag with some basic pool cleaner but anything that cannot be remedied in that fashion should be addressed by a professional, as harsher chemicals can ruin the gel coating of your fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Pool technicians at Pool Daddy can help you take care of your fiberglass pool! We will make sure your pumps and filters are operating at peak efficiency and we’ll skim any debris, check pH levels, clean any spots, and vacuum anything that has settled to the bottom! Weekly maintenance is a great idea for any pool, but you can adjust the regular visits to suit your needs and your abilities. If you can check and balance your pH levels but you don’t want to keep the equipment around to do cleaning, we’ve got you covered! If you just want to save time and effort in learning how to clean your pool we can help with that, too!

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Pool Inspections for Residential and Commercial Pools

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Pool Inspections

Importance of Pool Inspections

Spring is in full swing, meaning summer is right around the corner! If you haven’t opened up your pool yet, now’s your chance! Open that bad boy before summer is in full swing for maximum pool enjoyment!

Pool Inspections may not be incredibly important for residential pools, but commercial pools absolutely need to be properly inspected.

Residential Inspections

Having your home pool or spa inspected periodically is a good way to catch potential damage or problems before it gets bad or hurts someone. While you’re unlikely to come across legal issues with an uninspected pool, but it can save you large amounts of money and time spent repairing your pool when you could be enjoying it.

Commercial Inspections

Whether you own or run an apartment complex with a pool, a gym with swimming or spa facilities, or a public pool inspections are vital!

No one needs tenants complaining about improperly heated pools, jets in a hot tub that don’t work, or lights that don’t function. If they are paying for the use of a poorly maintained pool it could hurt your image and tenants may begin getting angry enough to leave!

Pool InspectionsPeople love to swim to work out. Whether someone needs a low impact way to lose weight and gain strength or they want to swim a few laps on a hot day instead of running on the treadmill, a gym with a pool brings in a ton of guests! The last thing you need is a lawsuit from chipped tile or cracked vinyl causing physical damage or, even worse, a malfunction of a pump or other part of the pool causing serious damage to your building or guests!

Public pools are full of children and families. It’s a great and low-cost way to cool down large groups of people. That being said, inspections can catch filter problems which could lead to harmful growth, bacteria, or excess chemicals floating around the pool—leading to a slew of legal ramifications. Besides, no one wants to go to a dirty and run down pool.

When to Get Your Pool Inspected

Our pool inspections will check out things that could lead to health concerns, physical damage, equipment damage, and more. Pair inspections with weekly or monthly cleaning, or at least before you officially open your pool to guests or the public. A lot can happen during winterization and over time. We can inspect the entire pool or specific elements, especially if you’re noticing decrease of effectiveness in a specific piece of equipment. Allow us to catch a problem before it becomes major damage or a costly repair. A dirty pool can be a sign of filter or pump issues and small cracks can quickly escalate into tile loss, debris floating in the pool, and physical damage to swimmers!

Check this list (PDF) for more detailed items on common inspections and we’ll go over more of this in future blogs to help you keep an eye out for potential  problems.

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De-winterization Time : Spring is Coming!

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Time for De-winterization

Spring is fast approaching (19 days, people!) so that means the temperatures will be rising and it may be time to open the pool back up! Get it done for Spring so you don’t have to fight for scheduling in the summer to get our assistance. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can be enjoying the sun and warm weather again in your personal pool!

Today we’ll talk about what goes on with opening a pool after winter. You winterized it, so let’s bring it back to its cool, wet glory!

  1. De-winterizationRemove debris, dirt, leaves, etc. from the cover. Allowing this to get into the water means more cleaning and strain on the filters. Before you store the cover, rinse it off and use some soap to remove dirt, mold, or mildew. Let it fully dry before storing.
  2. Once the cover is removed, your pool should be mostly clean, spare some dirt on the bottom. If this is not the case, some more extreme cleaning measures may be needed.
  3. Reconnect any equipment and reset circuits. This includes power to the pool, pumps, and heaters. Reattach filter cartridges or replace the sand in the filter. Use water-based lubricant on all o-rings, remove winterizing plugs, and free the skimmer basket/
  4. Contact your water company to check for pool-fill-up discounts since your water loss was due to evaporation, meaning it didn’t go through the water treatment plants. Some companies will offer a yearly discount on your water bill for pool filling.
  5. Ensure water is covering the skimmer. While filling, Hook the outflow hose from the skimmer to the pump and tighten clamps. Turn on the pump once the skimmer is covered. Check for leaks in hoses and gaskets.
  6. De-winterizationVacuum the pool. Do this before adding chemicals.
  7. Test the pH levels of the pool if the water is clear. The levels should range from 7.8-7.8. Adjust as needed. Add your start up kit once the pH is balanced, following the directions of the kit.
  8. If your pool is green, you may need to use a chlorine shock process accompanied with a lowering of the pH. Once the algae is dead the pool sufaces need to be brushed to remove the remaining algae, using a clarifier to cause everything to sink to the bottom. A vacuum should suffice at this point.
  9. Test chlorine and other chemical levels before allowing swimmers to enter.
  10. For heating the pool, a solar cover may help if you don’t have or don’t want to use a heater.

This process can be done on your own, but out Pool Daddy technicians can do this quickly, efficiently, and with no effort on your part. This can start up weekly services or it can be one of the few times you need our services during the pool season. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, residential or commercial, we can de-winterize your pool so all you have to do is jump in when the temperatures start rising and enjoy your pool!

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Pool Maintenance on Weekly Services

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Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance

Pool MaintenanceWith Spring coming all of the winterized pools will be opening up and before you know it the temperatures will rise, humidity will increase, and pool party season will be in full swing! So, let’s get ready to open up those pools and hot tubs for some Spring and Summer fun! Our weekly services will keep your pool functioning and your life easier.

  1. A clean pool is a happy pool: With weekly pool maintenance your pool will stay cleaner longer. Our technicians will make sure your filters are fully operating, pumps are working, and your pool is in peak condition. Get this checked weekly to prevent or catch potential problems.
  2. Health: If your pool has grime floating around or the salt or pH levels are off your swimmers will notice. It could cause health issues as well. No one wants plant debris getting in hair or chemical imbalances irritating their skin.
  3. Water lines: While the color and balance of water is important, cleaning at the water line is important in keeping algae and other growth at bay. We also check on the pump systems and ensure the water level is at the correct location so your pool stays full and functional with minimal effort to you.
  4. Pool MaintenanceBeneath the water line: Each visit includes brushing of the sides of the pool to remove growth and build up to help prevent getting a green pool. Forget buying your own brushes and doing the work yourself. This is the part most pool owners dread the most, so worry no more.
  5. Functioning pumps: Some pumps need to undergo a back flow process, filters or sand need to be cleaned or changed. This will keep your pool cleaner longer and prevent costly repairs in the future.
  6. Pride: Our technicians care about your pools as much as if they were their own. This is our job, our livelihood, and we want to make all of our customers happy with pools that are clean, high functioning, and amazing.
  7. Hot tubs: Don’t forget your spa, Jacuzzi, or hot tub! If it’s not working at maximum efficiency, why work at all? Keep it running smooth with cleaning and maintenance service to keep it running year round.

Our job is to keep you (and your pool) happy so you can enjoy your pool instead of focusing on cleaning and maintaining it. This spring and summer could be the year you’re the talk of the town with a crystal clear pool and the best pool parties around.

We also offer inspections (Great for before those big parties or for apartment complexes, hotels, and more), repairs, intensive cleaning, and more. Check out our service page for more information and details.

Just call Pool Daddy for all your pool maintenance needs..

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Super Bowl Pool Party Sunday! Let’s Get Wet!

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Super Bowl Pool Party

Super Bowl Pool Party Sunday! Let’s Get Wet!

If you use your pool year round and haven’t winterized it, then today might be the perfect time to throw a pool party! It’s a little last minute, but there’s still time! Or, better yet! Throw a Super Bowl Pool Party tomorrow (or next weekend for those who have regular jobs). Everyone will be recovering from a day of drinking and either celebration or anger—depending on who wins, of course. Record it and rewatch it with friends tomorrow, or rewatch the commercials with some close friends and turn it into a drinking game or throw a party in the name of the winning team tomorrow and invite all of your friends.

It may be just a tad chilly for swimming (unless you have an indoor pool, you lucky dog) for some, but for others it’s still perfect. Take a swim before the big game to clear your mind and pump up your body!

Those with a Jacuzzi or hot tub are in an even greater advantage! If you have an outdoor television you’re all set to have the best Super Bowl evening ever! Crack open a beer, pull some stools up filled with snacks, and relax. If there is no television close enough to the hot tub (And you can’t find a way to move it closer) then chill in the hot tub during half-time if Katy Perry isn’t your thing. Prep for the game with a relaxing soak, or chill with your buddies after the game talking about the outcome of the game, the commercials, or just talk about sports in general.

For all of you non-football fans (wives, girlfriends, mothers, “I just watch for the commercials” people etc) why not relax in the pool or hot tub and have some fun getting away from the screaming and the jumping. Go back for the half time show in case there’s another Janet Jackson scenario or to enjoy Katy Perry, or don’t. If you love the commercials don’t worry too much—they’ll all be online tomorrow anyway and they’ll replay the best ones on normal television for at least a month.

No matter what football team you’re rooting for and why, if you have a pool, Jacuzzi, or hot tub, you’re sure to have a wonderful Super Bowl Pool Party! It might sound like a silly idea, but it got you thinking about reasons to throw pool or spa parties, didn’t it? You can also take bets in a pool to see who wins and the losers have to jump in the cold swimming pool.

Pool Daddy is here for all your pool cleaning needs and keeping your pools and hot tubs in fantastic working order. Keep us in mind for weekly pool cleaning so you can keep using your pool year round, or contact us for finally winterizing your pool you keep saying you’ll use this winter. Anytime you have a pool-related issue contact us and we’ll send our technicians right away. Don’t believe us? Read some testimonials from some valued customers.

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Pool Lights: Repairs and Checks

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Pool Lights: Repairs and Checks

Pool Lights

Whether you’re installing some brand new lights or you’ve just installed a pool and you need lights in general, there are specific steps to follow and some warnings. Today we’ll discuss pool lights installation, replacement, and checking.

WARNING: Before working on pool lights, regardless of the water level, turn off the power at the main circuit breaker and keep it off until finished. Do not allow the breaker to be on while whoever is working on the lights is touching water or the lights.

Before you start: Once the breaker is off, you need to make sure the breaker is not tripped. If it is, you need to check the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and you can read detailed instructions about the GFCI process here. If you turn on the pool lights switch and the GFCI trips you should not proceed; seek professional help.

  1. Ensure the breaker, GFCI, and pool lights switch are all off.
  2. Remove the pilot screws holding in the fixture. Vinyl liner pools have additional screws around the light to keep it in tact—do not remove these. Some lights do not have pilot screws and need to be pried out with a flat-head screwdriver. NOTE: Most styles of lights contain water in the niche holding the fixture to keep the light cool, also allowing you to pull the light out with water still in the pool, reducing damage.
  3. Remove the light, place on the deck. If the chord is not long enough you may need to go to the junction box connecting the light, inside the dive stand. Disconnect the light chord at the junction box. It may be helpful to attach some wire or a string to allow you to move the wire back to replace the light in the fixture.
  4. Open the fixture. You will either find many screws in the back of the unit rim or one screw holding on a band clamp. Remove screws or clamps and pry open the fixture if needed. Be careful and use appropriate tools to avoid breaking lenses.
  5. If the GFCI was tripping, you may find water in the unit. If this happens, dry out the unit with a towel or hair dryer. Remove bulb and continue drying all parts. DO NOT touch halogen bulbs with your bare hands. The oils in your skin can mess the bulb up. If the bulb is burned out, replace the bulb.
  6. Once bulbs are replaced, turn the unit on for a few seconds. Due to the need to be water cooled, do not allow the unit to be on for more than a few seconds out of the water. If the bulb does not work and you were testing for a GFCI trip, replace the bulb.Pool Lights
  7. While GFCI, light switch, and breaker are still off, reassemble the fixture. Now may be the perfect time to also replace the light gasket. Ensure all screws are back in place and tightened evenly to maintain seals and prevent damage. If you are dealing with the clamp style, tap around the unit to ensure even pressure.
  8. Immerge the fixture in water and check for air bubbles escaping around the gasket. If seen, reopen, dry, and reassemble.
  9. Place the unit back into the niche in the pool wall. Screw in the pilot screw or snap it back in place.
  10. Pull the chord back to the junction box if the chord was too short (from step 3).
  11. Turn breakers and GFCI back on to check the light. Enjoy your new or repaired lights.

Never be afraid to ask for professional help. If you want to ensure it’s done correctly the first time in as little time as possible, our technicians would be happy to do this. If you’re a customer paying for weekly services we may even be able to spot problems lights before you do.

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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.