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Pool Services : Save Time With Weekly Maintenance

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Pool servicesPool Services

Pool Daddy offers the best weekly pool services around, so give us a call to set up any regular maintenance. We will clean your pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi as well as check the water levels, pH balance, chemical levels, and more. Let us do all of that tedious work no pool owner wants to do! Here are just a few of the ways we can make your life easier and less stressful.

  1. It gets done right the first time: You will never have to second guess if you checked the levels of your pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi lately. You also won’t have to face algae growth because the chemical and pH levels weren’t accurately kept at the optimum level. We also use all of the best tools to check and clean your pool. Plus, if you haven’ winterized e, you will know it was done correct so you can have a stress free winner.
  2. Easy: Why bother doing all of ha work on our own when you can hire professionals to do it for you? He only finger you will have to lift is the ones you use to call or email us. Then you will wait for us to show up and we will do the rest.
  3. Save time: How much time do you spend working on our pool every year probably more than you would like, right you will have more time to enjoy your pool, hot tub, spa, or Jacuzzi with our help. Because we are professionals, the time we take to clean and check our pool will be much less than it would take you on your own.
  4. Save money: You will spend a little more on hiring us than you would doing it on our own, but you will not have to buy the chemicals, equipment, safety gear, or other equipment needed to clean our pool. You will also save money on repairs because a lot of issues pool owners need to repair can be caught early and the repairs will be less costly. We can usually notice things like loose tiles, filter problems, pump issues, and other issues based on how our pool looks and how often it needs to be cleaned.
  5. Look great: our pool, spa, or Jacuzzi will look great ear round and our experience using hem will be much more pleasant knowing you didn’t have slave away to get it to look so great .Above ground, in ground, indoor, and outdoor pools work best when he look great because cleanliness is the best indicator of pool health.

Pool Daddy would love to help you get your pool in shape and keep it here. A happy pool owner is a pool owner who doesn’t have to break a sweat to keep it clean.

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Pool Service Weekly to Save Time and Money

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Pool Service Weekly to Save Time and MoneyPool Service Weekly to Save Time and Money

Pool Daddy offers weekly services at a reasonable and competitive price to all of our clients! If you’ve ever used our services (one time, regular, winterization, installation, upgrades, etc) then you have been informed of our weekly services and what they entail As a refresher, here is a   general list of what most weekly services entail:

  • Removal of debris and inspection for water clarity, color, etc.
  • Test pH, chlorine, and alkaline levels and adjust as needed.
  • Check and adjust water level for maximum pump efficiency.
  • Check the filters and backwash or clean when needed.
  • Clean the tile at the water line, add algaecide if necessary.
  • Brush the pool sides.
  • Inform you if any further services may be needed in the near future, including equipment maintenance.

You may be thinking that’s not a lot of work, I can do that. But when these things aren’t kept in check, your pool can go downhill very quickly. We’re all humans, as pool owners we sometimes put off checking our pool or don’t do every task required to keep it operating regularly. Why deal with the stress of remembering to do these things when you can have someone do them for you! Today we’ll give you some reasons to use our services and some helpful tips to keep your pool clean and healthy.

  1. Keep an eye out for water color and algae growth. Chances are, you will be able to feel or see algae growth if you use your pool regularly. It can be easy to miss discoloration because if you look at your pool every day it’s easy to miss something. It’s like if you let your hair grown out and someone sees you after weeks and they point out how long it is. You didn’t think it had changed that much because you see it all the time.
  2. Keeping a properly chemically balanced pool is important for both pool and swimmer health. A pool with too much or not enough chlorine or other chemicals can cause problems with skin, cleanliness, and even affect how the equipment works.
  3. Salt water pools still need maintenance. People will tell you they’re maintenance free, but that is a gross inaccuracy and exaggeration. The type of maintenance tends to be simpler and some things can be left for longer periods of time with no negative effects, but it still needs to be checked regularly.
  4. Hiring someone to service your pool regularly ensures it’s being done correctly. Not everyone is confident enough in their knowledge of pool chemicals and appropriate levels, so reading a pH stick may be difficult or cause you to obsessively check because you’re not sure if the reading was 7.1 or 6.9. Throw doubt out the window and have the professionals do it.
  5. Pools are mean to be fun! Get in there this summer and cool off, enjoy your pool, and maybe don’t let the kids jump from running in the grass straight into the pool. And invest in water proof sunscreen. Both of these ideas can keep your pool cleaner in the long run and reduce your need to clean the filters. Dirt and grass in your pool is not ideal.
    Pool Service Weekly to Save Time and Money

Call today to schedule a visit or weekly pool service!

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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.