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Pool Services : Pool and Hot Tub Safety for the Holidays

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Pool ServicesPool Services For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, and before you know it Christmas and New Year’s will be here. ‘Tis the season for family gatherings and parties with friends, so be prepared to receive guests. If you have a pool on your property, you may want to take some precautions (whether the pool has been shut down for the season or not).

  1. Children: If a kid sees a pool in your back yard and they can get to it, they may try to check it out or jump in (despite the weather or if you’ve got a cover on it). Small children may not listen to warnings and directions from you and other adults, so keeping doors that lead to the pool closed and locked can prevent children from messing with the pool and equipment. Explain to older children (especially those who can work locks) that the pool is off limits. If the pool is open and you’re allowing swimmers, make sure basic pool safety is followed and adults are present any time children are near the water.
  2. Pets: If there are pets at your party (from house guests or your own personal pets), keeping the doors closed and locked should prevent any pet-related problems. However, if outside activities are going on, pets can run out easily in the commotion of the plethora of guests. Keep pets away from doors that lead to the pool.
  3. Pool covers : Not all pool covers can hold the weight of a small child or pet, let alone that of a full grown adult. If you do not have a hard cover or a cover which can safely hold the weight of a person, take extra precaution to keep people, kids, and animals from stumbling into danger.

If you’re keeping your hot tub or Jacuzzi open for your guests, be sure they understand how the tub works, or that they are observing general safety rules (capacity, proper attire, and safety around any slick areas covered in water). Hot tubs are a great way to unwind with a few people after a heavy meal and an even better way to relax after preparing all of the food and setting up decorations or chasing kids around.

  1. Be careful who is allowed in the tub, as small children and animals can get hurt easily.
  2. If your hot tub is in an area where people will be passing by regularly and you are not wanting anyone to mess with it or get in it, ensure the cover is secure and, when possible, apply some locking mechanism.
  3. Try to prevent people from leaning on or climbing on the tub (empty or full, cover on or off). The last thing anyone needs is a broken cover or a hurt guest.

After your parties, have us inspect and clean your pool or hot tub, or call us if you suspect anything is unsafe about your pool covers or anything related to your hot tub or Jacuzzi.

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Pool Installation Top 10 Reasons..

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Pool Installation Top 10 Reasons..

If you’re debating about pool installation or buying that house with a pool already installed (versus lack of pool), read this post and soon you’ll be convinced that a pool is for you. Once you have your pool (or if you already do) consider Pool Daddy for all of your cleaning and maintenance needs. We care about your pool as if it were our own.

  1. Pool InstallationExercise: Everyone could use a little more exercise and what better way to strengthen yourself or shed some pounds than the relaxing and low impact activity that is swimming. Pools are great for families wanting to get in shape and stay fit, and also great for those with joint problems. Forget running on the treadmill, stay active in a cool pool instead of sweating in the heat.
  2. Safe fun for the whole family: With proper knowledge of pool safety, everyone can have fun in the pool. Teach your kids to swim, throw pool parties, and have fun all summer. Pools are a great way to keep the kids at home instead of running around the neighborhood on their own—just keep an eye on those younger swimmers.
  3. Increase home value: Most homes with pools go for higher prices on the real estate market. Everyone loves pools, so when you sell your home you could get some extra money out of the deal (after you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your pool, that is).
  4. Low maintenance options: Some pool options are expensive to maintain, but advanced in technology allow some pools to run efficiently, smoothly, and with much lower costs than they used to.
  5. Save on air conditioning: Arizona is hot—we all know this. Think of the money you’ll save cooling your home if you spend large amounts of time cooling off in or near your pool. Sure, you’ll have to pay for pool maintenance and power, but it could save you more on your electric bill. Pool Installation
  6. Gets kids outside: Kids today spend so much time on their phones and other electronic devices, so get them to go outside by splashing in the pool, playing with their friends, and getting exercise all at the same time. Have family time by inviting over cousins and other relatives and encouraging games of Marco Polo, pool volleyball, or playful races.
  7. Add a Hot Tub: Hot tubs are great for romantic encounters as well as stress relief and muscle pain control. Combine the exercise options of a pool with the relaxing effects of a spa, hot tub, or Jacuzzi, and you’ll be so fit and relaxed it’ll make your head spin.
  8. Get a natural tan: Forget the tanning beds; if you want a tan and you have a pool you’re set. Sit by the pool and tan or get on a pool raft and float around in the peak of relaxation without laying in a tanning-bed-coffin. Natural tanning is always the better option.
  9. Save on parties: Who needs fancy decorations, expensive bounce-house rentals, and other expensive party supplies? Get some banners, lights, flatware, and a cake and you’ve got a birthday party. Who wants an inflatable bouncy castle when there are cannon balls to be done?
  10. Maintenance is more affordable than you think: With all of the great reasons to own a pool, one downside is usually maintenance. With Pool Daddy and our weekly services you’ll never have to stress about cleaning and checking on the filters. Our technicians will keep you loving your pool since you won’t have to lift a finger except to give us a call! Pool ownership has never been so easy!

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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.