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9 Gifts to Give a Pool Owner this New Year

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Pool Services

New Year is coming, and it may be time to start thinking about Christmas presents. If you have a pool owner on your list, we may have some ideas for gifts you can give them!

1. Pay for Pool Cleaning Services

Even the most hands-on pool owner may want a break from the cleaning and chemical checking. Talk to us about paying for a pool services, pool cleaning for your loved one! Give them a week off of the regular cleaning and scrubbing and filter checking this holiday season.

2. Pool Floats

A simple Google search will wield a ton of interesting pool floats! There are some simple floats made from high quality material, novelty ones shaped like pizza or other unusual shapes and colors, and there’s even unsinkable ones! You can also find ones for two or more people as well as child and pet friendly floats.

3. Games and Toys

From floating houses and riders to basketball hoops and volley ball nets you can find cool games and toys for any pool owner.

4. Entertaining guests

Some of the coolest pool accessories you could gift are the ones that will make party hosting so fun. You can find floating coolers, snack trays, speakers, and other accessories to help keep the fun going. You may even be able to find floating tables with umbrellas and card tables with water proof cards!

5. Lights:

You can find light shows and fun colored lights for nearly any pool style to take any post-sunset pool party to the next level!

6. New cleaning equipment:

As the years go by, cleaning tools haven’t changed a lot, but new brushes and nets or a replacement for the 10 year old pool vacuum may go over very well—especially if you can find something that’s a little fancier than the old equipment they had.

7.Pool Side:

From pool side tables and chairs to new serving trays to carry out snacks and refreshments, to a new umbrella for the pool-side table, anything that surrounds the pool can stand to be replaced or improved upon! Especially after years of being close to water (and probably splashed by children or grandchildren) and years in the summer sun.

8. Protection:

If you can afford a slightly more expensive gift, consider a new pool cover for your loved one. Improper storage of even the best pool cover can cause damage, so if you notice something wrong with their existing cover, a new one may make the perfect gift.

9. Towels, suits, and more:

Any swimming accessories could make great gifts and stocking stuffers. From new goggles to plush beach towels, you can never have too much swimming gear. The same goes for water wings for children or life vests for pets.

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Valentine’s Day Done Right With Our Help

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indexWe’re 3 weeks away from this beautiful holiday and we’d like to help you make it memorable and safe. Today we’re going to take some time to give you some ideas as to how to incorporate your pool (if you didn’t close it for the season) or your Jacuzzi/hot tub. As always, we love helping you keep your pools and hot tubs clean and running smooth, because we love pools as much as you do!

Here’s our ideas on how to make this February 14th one for the record books!

  • Hot Tub Romance: Valentine’s Day being a Sunday means you and your partner can probably spend the whole day together, so why not plan in some Tubbin’ time? Turn on the jets, bring out the rose petals, and serve the bubbly! Before this surprise, have us stop by to inspect the unit and get it sparkling clean for you! You don’t need algae growth ruining the mood and making you and your hot tub partner slip around. Note: Be careful using rose petals to set the mood– check with us about how chlorine will affect the petals and how the petals will affect the water. You may want to opt for a synthetic– and reusable– option.
  • Couples Night: Bring by another couple (or more) for some couples night fun! Board games, movies, and some time in the hot tub! Unwind before the work week gets started again! Spread the love, guys.
  • Pools: If your pool is open (as well as clean, balanced, and working properly with our help) then you may find yourself able to surprise your partner with a pool party with your closest friends or other couples. You can also purchase any number of interesting multi-person floats for your pool. This will allow you to lay with your love to look at the clouds or the stars while you float peacefully across the water without a care in the world.
  • Indoor pools: Embrace your inner child and splash around instead of the droll exercising you probably do with your indoor units. Bring out the floats, or take a page from the hot tub romance and bring out rose petals and a floating bar or other interesting pool accessory. Relax the stress from the previous week away with warm water and the best company.

No matter how you spend your February 14th this year, we hope it’s a great one! Don’t forget that Pool Daddy AZ can help you with almost every pool and hot tub need you have! We can help you keep your units running year round as well as close them for Winter and open them for Spring or Summer.

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Pool Services – Indoor Pool : Perks, Care, and More

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Pool Services – Indoor Pool

Who doesn’t love a dip in a heated pool at a gym, hotel, or health club? Pools are great year round, but sometimes it gets a little too cold to swim in outdoor, non-heated pools. If you are a lucky owner of an indoor pool, this post is for you! If you’re not (yet) the owner of an indoor pool, you may want to get one after reading this!

Perks of indoor pools:

Pool Services

  • Temperature control: The weather is less likely to affect the temperature of an indoor pool. It may be easier to monitor and maintain temperatures during weather shifts.
  • Debris: While all pools can be victims of debris, indoor pools are less likely to have plant and animal debris from neighboring areas. Debris will still happen, but it’s a much more controlled environment.
  • Year round: A lot of indoor pools are open year round, especially for gyms, health spas, and other related uses. Water aerobics, therapy pools, lap swimming, and general fun can be had in an indoor pool.
  • Sunburn: Unless you have large windows in the pool room, sunburns are much less likely while swimming in an indoor pool.


  • Cost: It can be more expensive to install an indoor pool—especially if you already have the building set up. Building the walls around the pool may be easier—depending on the type of pool.
  • Maintenance: Most indoor pools are heated much more than outdoor pools, especially in the cooler months. Cleaning and other maintenance will need to be done as often as outdoor pools.
  • Less natural light: Sunshine can heat your outdoor pool (to a degree) and it’s nice to sunbathe in the natural sun when you’re poolside outside.
  • Social: Indoor pools are more often seen as serious. Hotels with business guests wanting to swim laps aren’t going to be too happy to see a family of 5 show up with their kids wanting to splash around—but if it’s a personal pool that’s not a problem!

All pools are awesome! Both indoor and outdoor pools have their perks and downsides, much like above-ground and in-ground pools have their positive and negative aspects. No matter what type or pool or hot tub you have, Pool Daddy can help you keep it clean and in proper working condition.

All pools will require regular cleaning, pH balancing, wall and floor cleaning, vacuuming, filter cleaning, shock treatments, and other basic maintenance functions. Lucky for you, Pool Daddy in Arizona knows what needs to be done and when. Give us a call to start scheduling weekly pool services or give us a call to have us walk you through what you should be doing regularly to keep your indoor pool open year round!

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Pool Party Post Cleanup

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Pool Party Post CleanupPool Party Post Cleanup

By now you’ve probably recovered from your July 4th celebrations and have relaxed and recuperated enough to get to cleaning up after your friends and family members. Last week we talked about an Independence Day pool party, but the part no one likes to think about is clean up! If you had a lot of people in and out of the pool, applying sunscreen, eating in or around the pool, fireworks, and a grill nearby you may be in need of some more cleaning. When in doubt, or if you’re just not up to doing any cleaning yourself, call Pool Daddy to schedule weekly maintenance or ask for a one-time cleaning and checkup for your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi.

A lot of things that happen during pool parties can change the chemical balance in your pool, such as:

  1. Sweat
  2. Dirt
  3. Oils from skin
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Hair and body products
  6. Firework or barbeque residue
  7. Food or drink from accidental spillage.

If the chemical balance of your pool gets too knocked out of whack it can eventually decrease the effectiveness of the chlorine, leading to algae build up. This isn’t to say you need to scrub your pool and add more chlorine after every time people swim, but after a large gathering you should double check your chemical and pH levels to ensure the pool is operating at maximum efficiency. Taking a few minute to check and adjust levels can prevent you from having to deal with time consuming cleanings ahead of schedule.

If you find that the chemical levels of your pool change drastically after pool parties, it may be wise to try shocking it 1-2 days before a party. This will ensure the water is crystal clear and clean for your guests and decrease your chances of having to alter the chemical or cleaner levels after the pool party. It may also be a good idea to shock your pool after a large party if you feel the chemical levels and cleanliness have been altered drastically. This is an especially good idea if you had a lot of children in the pool or you know something got into the water that should not have.

For shocking your pool, it is best to wait until sunset (or just before or just after) to ensure less of the chlorine is burned off. Chlorine when left in direct sun can lose its potency, leading to an increased use of the chemical– wasting money, time, and leaving a pool with excess useless chlorine.

If you do not wish to do this on your own, call Pool Daddy and we Can schedule a maintenance or cleaning visit at an affordable price. Even the most seasoned pool owners want a break from time to time! So get to planning the next pool party and leave the cleaning to us!

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Pool Inspections for Residential and Commercial Pools

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Importance of Pool Inspections

Spring is in full swing, meaning summer is right around the corner! If you haven’t opened up your pool yet, now’s your chance! Open that bad boy before summer is in full swing for maximum pool enjoyment!

Pool Inspections may not be incredibly important for residential pools, but commercial pools absolutely need to be properly inspected.

Residential Inspections

Having your home pool or spa inspected periodically is a good way to catch potential damage or problems before it gets bad or hurts someone. While you’re unlikely to come across legal issues with an uninspected pool, but it can save you large amounts of money and time spent repairing your pool when you could be enjoying it.

Commercial Inspections

Whether you own or run an apartment complex with a pool, a gym with swimming or spa facilities, or a public pool inspections are vital!

No one needs tenants complaining about improperly heated pools, jets in a hot tub that don’t work, or lights that don’t function. If they are paying for the use of a poorly maintained pool it could hurt your image and tenants may begin getting angry enough to leave!

People love to swim to work out. Whether someone needs a low impact way to lose weight and gain strength or they want to swim a few laps on a hot day instead of running on the treadmill, a gym with a pool brings in a ton of guests! The last thing you need is a lawsuit from chipped tile or cracked vinyl causing physical damage or, even worse, a malfunction of a pump or other part of the pool causing serious damage to your building or guests!

Public pools are full of children and families. It’s a great and low-cost way to cool down large groups of people. That being said, inspections can catch filter problems which could lead to harmful growth, bacteria, or excess chemicals floating around the pool—leading to a slew of legal ramifications. Besides, no one wants to go to a dirty and run down pool.

When to Get Your Pool Inspected

Our pool inspections will check out things that could lead to health concerns, physical damage, equipment damage, and more. Pair inspections with weekly or monthly cleaning, or at least before you officially open your pool to guests or the public. A lot can happen during winterization and over time. We can inspect the entire pool or specific elements, especially if you’re noticing decrease of effectiveness in a specific piece of equipment. Allow us to catch a problem before it becomes major damage or a costly repair. A dirty pool can be a sign of filter or pump issues and small cracks can quickly escalate into tile loss, debris floating in the pool, and physical damage to swimmers!

Check this list (PDF) for more detailed items on common inspections and we’ll go over more of this in future blogs to help you keep an eye out for potential  problems.

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Pool Pumps: Choosing What’s Right For You

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Pool Pumps

Pentair WhisperFlo 1.5HP Single Speed Pool Pump 11581

Pool Pumps

There are 3 main types of pumps for pool owners: single speed, two-speed, and variable speed pumps. Today we’re going to help you decide which one to use and how they are maintained.

Single Speed: These pool pumps are tried and true, they’ve been used the longest by pool owners. They tend to be the cheapest option to purchase and install. Despite cheap initial cost, they can cost up to $2,000 per year to operate and they are very noisy and inefficient compared to the competition. It used an induction style motor and can last 3-8 years.

Pool Pumps

Pentair OptiFlo 2HP Above Ground 2-Speed Pool Pump 340077

Two-Speed (or Dual-Speed): Similarly to the Single-Speed option, this pool pumps uses an induction style motor and lasts 3-8 years. It has two speed options, as the name suggests, and increases the efficiency. Having the option to run at low speed decreased the energy used. High speed is often used when vacuuming the pool, running heaters, or during times of high debris collection to blow the debris to the skimmers. They cost more in initial costs ($500-$800 for the pump and control unit combined) but save up to 70% in energy costs compared to the Single-Speed variety. These are much more preferred than the Single-Speed options. Like the other option, these can be noisy, especially when run at high speed.

Variable Speed: These use a permanent magnet motor like those found in electric and hybrid cars, which is much more efficient than the induction style motor. Owners can choose the exact flow rate for the pool, allowing for slower rated to improve pool circulation. Less circulation leads to less friction, ultimately leading to higher efficiency. These pool pumps run smoother, quieter and cooler than other pumps. They also last longer while being up to 90% more efficient than single- and two-speed pumps, meaning annual running costs around $400 or less in most areas. While these units are more expensive than two-speed pumps, they may only cost a small amount more. Many complete systems go for around $860, including built in controller. Due to the high efficiency, local utility companies may offer rebates for specific variable speed pumps being installed.

No matter the type of  pool pumps you choose, Pool Daddy is here to help you install and maintain the unit. We recommend the Variable Speed unit because it will benefit you in the long run (and short run as well). If you have any questions about using your pool speed pumps, contact us and we can help you out. Don’t forget to ask about our weekly pool services to keep your pool clean and running smoothly so you don’t have to replace a pump due to neglect or misuse. Contact us today about your pool needs and we’ll have your pool up and running before Spring or Summer hits!


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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.