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Pool Problems Common Complaints

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Fight Common Pool ProblemsPool Problems

Pools are beloved by many, but, as with anything else in this work, there are drawbacks. Today we’ll discuss a few of the common complaints related to pools, swimming, pool maintenance, and more that pool owners or pool frequenters deal with– and how to deal with it.

  1. “I hate the chlorine smell on my skin.” There are a few solutions to this problem. They make chlorine removal shampoos! Hair is the hardest thing to get chlorine smells out of, so this could work as a body wash, too, so you can get on with your day and not smell like your pool. You can also make chlorine removing lotion or use crystallized vitamin C and rinse your skin with a solution of that and water. You can also find shower attachments that include vitamin C in your shower stream for cheap. Another solution is to swim in salt water pools! You may not be able to convert your pool to salt water, but if you can or you are thinking of installing a pool, consider a salt water filtration system. It will reduce the chlorine odor and you won’t need to buy chlorine tablets.
  2. “What about my kids and animals?” Even well behaved kids and pets can be in danger when in or around a pool. Installing a gate around the pool is one great solution. This will also keep neighbor pets and children from wandering into your yard and getting into the pool or getting hurt.
  3. “Pools are expensive,” While pools are costly, they do add to your home value. Not dollar-for-dollar, but if you want a pool, you will get back a portion of what you put into it when you sell your home. As technology improves, pools are getting cheaper to produce and install, too.
  4. “Taking care of a pool takes so much time, money, and energy.” Pools do take time to maintain, but even basic chlorinated pools can be cheap to run. With high performance and energy efficient equipment the cost to keep the pool running isn’t that high. The chemicals you will need to balance your chlorinated pool aren’t very expensive, either, and if you check the levels regularly you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money adjusting the levels. It can only take a few minutes to check and balance your pool levels, and it will save you a ton in the long run.
  5. “They get green!” This happens when too much algae builds up in the pool. This can happen from neglect or just normal wear and tear of your pool and equipment. Acid washing can help this, but it can be a time consuming process and it requires draining the pool. Regular cleaning can prevent this from happening for a while.
  6. “I want to hire a pool cleaning company, but I don’t know who,” For all of your pool cleaning and maintenance needs, Pool Daddy in Arizona is here for you! We offer great prices and great services, from weekly pool maintenance to emergency repairs and installations of equipment, to big cleaning jobs like acid washing ! So hire the professionals and take away a lot of the stress and effort of pool ownership.Related Topics:

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Swimming Pool Owner must know some important things..

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Swimming Pool OwnerSwimming Pool Owner

Whether you’re a seasoned swimming pool owner or a first-timer there’s some things you should know. Lesser pool companies don’t care what you know and will use that to their advantage; but not Pool Daddy! We want you to know as much as you can about your pool for it to last a long time and for you to be happy with your fun investment. So this week we’ll talk about some things to keep in mind in regards to your swimming pool.

  1. Don’t just choose any pool cleaning or maintenance company. All technicians should be able to clean and repair when needed. If they can’t perform a repair, they should be able to direct you to someone within their company who can do so. For extreme cases, a third party may need to be contacted, but not usually.
  2. Weekly maintenance is very important. A swimming pool that has gone 2 or 3 weeks without a good cleaning could turn green—a nightmare for any conscious swimming pool owner. It’s not just about color, either, the algae can have harmful bacteria in it, putting you and your family at health risks.
  3. Maintaining your pool will increase the lifespan—not maintaining it can decrease it significantly. You may think “I don’t need maintenance every week, I can live with a slightly decreased lifespan to save money” but that’s not a good way to think. Not maintaining your swimming pool properly could decrease the lifespan of the entire swimming pool (or at least several of the components) by half! It can get as low as 25% of the intended lifespan if you take little to no effort in keeping it running. Cleaning, filter changes, and more are important!
  4. Not all pumps are created equal. We’ve talked about pool pumps before here at Pool Daddy, and we’d like to remind you that an old pump may be causing you insane costs on your electric bill! In the long run it’s always cheaper to upgrade to a more energy efficient pump! The older the pump, the more likely it is to be draining power!
  5. Swimming Pool OwnerSalt-Water swimming pools are not maintenance free. Salesmen may try to convince you of that, but there’s still some upkeep involved like cleaning and equipment maintenance. They are also a little trickier to fill and empty, so consult the city before filling or draining your saltwater swimming pool (and even your traditional chlorine pool in most cases). They offer cost and health benefits but they are not maintenance free, no matter who tries to tell you otherwise.
  6. Sun is nice, but can cause extra maintenance for your swimming pool. Direct sunlight causes the chlorine in your swimming pool to dissipate, which is why you need to check the chlorine and pH levels regularly in your swimming pool to keep everything running smoothly. There are slow-dissolving alternatives to basic chlorine methods and other additives to help pools in direct sunlight. Ask your pool technician about care for pools in that situation.
  7. Not all products are created equal. Cleaning products and chlorine alternatives may be pushing for the “eco-friendly” moniker but that doesn’t mean they’re as effective or do as they say. There may be efficient alternatives what may be better for the environment, but consult your technician and do your research before overhauling your chemical list to “green” alternatives. They may lead to increased maintenance and unneeded costs.
  8. Swimming Pool OwnerPrice check, compare rates, and ask about discounts when choosing a pool company. Pool Daddy has the best prices around, but feel free to check with other companies before using us or even if you’ve used our services a while. If you can show us lower prices for the same services we may be able to work something out. Some companies overcharge—but not Pool Daddy!
  9. You can do a lot of your pool maintenance and cleaning yourself, in all honesty. It’s possible to clean your own pool in the amount of time we take, but who wants to keep all that equipment on hand and take the time out of their day? Sure, you could train yourself and use tutorials for green-pool cleaning or general maintenance but that’s time you could use enjoying your swimming pool instead of cleaning it. So hire the professionals for a great clean every time.
  10. Pool Daddy is the place for weekly pool maintenance as well as installation assistance, emergency repairs, and more.

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Pool Heaters: Electric Heating Pump vs Gas Heater: Which is better?

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Pool Heaters

In Scottsdale pool owner’s like to use their pools year round.  With our mild climate and perfect winter temperatures the only thing missing is warm pool water.  Once the temperatures drop below the 70’s at night many Scottsdale Pool owners won’t go near the water because the water is too cold to enjoy.  This is why we suggest putting a heater in your pool.  At Scottsdale Pool Daddy we can help you decide what type of heater is better for your needs.

Pool Heaters

Image Courtesy of Flickr

How Does A Heat Pump Pool Heater Heat Your Scottsdale Pool?

Heat pump pool heaters use electricity to capture heat.  As the pool pump circulates the water, it is drawn from the pool and through a filter and into the heat pump heater.  The heater itself has a fan that pulls in outside air and pushes it over the evaporator coil.  At this point liquid refrigerant in the evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the outside air converting it into a gas.  The gas is then passed through the compressor where it increases the heat.  This very hot gas is then sent through the condenser where the hot gas is transferred to the cool pool water circulating through the heater.  The heated water is then returned to the pool.  Heat pump pool heaters work best in climates where the outside temperatures remain above 45ºF. For more information on these energy efficient pool heating pumps, visit this page from Energy.gov.

How Does A Gas Pool Heater Work in Scottsdale?

Gas pool heaters are fueled either by natural gas or propane.  As water is circulated through the pump it passes from the filter into the heater. The gas burning in the heater’s combustion chamber generates heat that transfers to the water and is then returned to the pool making your Scottsdale pool warm.  Gas pool heaters are most efficient for a heating pool for short periods of time.  Many pool owners’ use them to quickly heat their pools if they are not using them on a regular basis.


MORE TIPS: Winter Pool Maintenance in Arizona

How Do I Know Which Type of Heater is Best For My Scottsdale Pool?

Both types of heater will heat your pool but how you intend to use your pool heaters will determine which one is best for your Scottsdale pool. If your intention is to use your pool everyday then a heat pump pool heater is the most energy efficient choice for your Scottsdale pool since the average outside temperature remains above 45ºF year round.  If you only plan to use your pool occasionally during the colder months or you have a very small pool then a gas pool heaters is probably a great choice for you. Pool Daddy is always ready to help you with this process so call us today to get started with this.

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Pool Drain? When To Drain Your Arizona Pool?

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Pool Drain

Pool Drain

How often should I drain my pool in Arizona?

We recommend completely draining and refilling your pool once every 3 to 5 years in Arizona. Due to the desert climate, it is only recommended to drain the pool during the fall and winter months while the weather is cooler. This is also the most convenient time since you likely won’t be able to use your pool anyway with the colder weather.

Is it okay to drain my Arizona swimming pool in the winter?

Yes! The best time to drain your pool is during the fall and winter months.

Why can’t I drain my Arizona pool in the summer?

If you drain your pool during the hot, dry Arizona summer months, you risk causing expensive damage to your swimming pool. The floor of the pool can crack due to the heat and lack of moisture. Draining your Arizona pool in the summer is also bad for the desert environment where water is scarce. The pool water that is drained out will mostly evaporate instead of being used to water the lawn or other plants on the property.

Why do I need to drain my pool?

Arizona is a desert and most of the water that is used for normal living has to travel a long way and go through a lot of treatment. The water is known for being some of the hardest in the country, and you will see evidence of the build up beginning on your decorative pool tile. Your pool needs to be drained periodically in order to get rid of the calcium and hard water build up on your pool.

Does my Arizona pool need to be drained to cleaned properly?

In some cases your pool will need to be drained completely in order to clean it out of any build up and allow you to start with a clean base chemically. Draining your pool is the perfect opportunity to do any necessary repairs, complete a full service cleaning or acid wash, and get your tile cleaned. It is recommended to do a chlorine wash or acid wash when draining your pool as a preventive maintenance item to keep your pool running at it’s peak efficiency, as well as making sure your pool is safe and chemically balanced.

My pool turned green. Can it be fixed without draining?

If your pool has turned green, it will take an aggressive combination of filtering, cleaning, and chemicals to get it back to the beautiful blue color you are used to. It is usually best to just drain the pool out completely and do a full chlorine wash to blast away any of the algae and bacteria that has accumulated. All of the pool filters will need to be professionally cleaned as well to make sure that the pool doesn’t turn green again. Green pools are dangerous breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can transmit the deadly west nile virus. Having a green pool in Arizona can lead to fines because of the health risk that they pose. Make sure to get your green pool problem taken care of quickly and professionally to avoid any further complications.

Do you drain pools all over Arizona?

Pool Daddy currently services most of the Phoenix metro area. The areas included are Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, North Phoenix, Peoria, and Glendale. Learn about all of different Arizona pool services we offer.

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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.