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Pool Services : Save Time With Weekly Maintenance

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Pool servicesPool Services

Pool Daddy offers the best weekly pool services around, so give us a call to set up any regular maintenance. We will clean your pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi as well as check the water levels, pH balance, chemical levels, and more. Let us do all of that tedious work no pool owner wants to do! Here are just a few of the ways we can make your life easier and less stressful.

  1. It gets done right the first time: You will never have to second guess if you checked the levels of your pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi lately. You also won’t have to face algae growth because the chemical and pH levels weren’t accurately kept at the optimum level. We also use all of the best tools to check and clean your pool. Plus, if you haven’ winterized e, you will know it was done correct so you can have a stress free winner.
  2. Easy: Why bother doing all of ha work on our own when you can hire professionals to do it for you? He only finger you will have to lift is the ones you use to call or email us. Then you will wait for us to show up and we will do the rest.
  3. Save time: How much time do you spend working on our pool every year probably more than you would like, right you will have more time to enjoy your pool, hot tub, spa, or Jacuzzi with our help. Because we are professionals, the time we take to clean and check our pool will be much less than it would take you on your own.
  4. Save money: You will spend a little more on hiring us than you would doing it on our own, but you will not have to buy the chemicals, equipment, safety gear, or other equipment needed to clean our pool. You will also save money on repairs because a lot of issues pool owners need to repair can be caught early and the repairs will be less costly. We can usually notice things like loose tiles, filter problems, pump issues, and other issues based on how our pool looks and how often it needs to be cleaned.
  5. Look great: our pool, spa, or Jacuzzi will look great ear round and our experience using hem will be much more pleasant knowing you didn’t have slave away to get it to look so great .Above ground, in ground, indoor, and outdoor pools work best when he look great because cleanliness is the best indicator of pool health.

Pool Daddy would love to help you get your pool in shape and keep it here. A happy pool owner is a pool owner who doesn’t have to break a sweat to keep it clean.

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Pool pH Level Matter

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Why Does the pH level Matter?

Water is awesome, and hose water is safe for kiddo pools and even some larger above ground pools, so you may be asking “why do I need to add chlorine and check the pH of my pool? Water is water, right?” Today we’ll talk about why it’s important to make sure your chemical and Pool pH Level of your pool are important to monitor.

With Pool Daddy’s weekly pool service you can worry less about your Pool pH Level and getting them back to normal, we do the work for you.


Pool pH Level Matter

Something to compare pH levels to things you may be more familiar with.

What is pH?

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral (like filtered water). A pH level between 0 and 7 is the acid side, anything above 7 is basic/alkaline. Adding acids or alkalies to the water can raise or lower the level to the recommended 7.2-7.8 range for your pool, the exact range can vary depending on pool, area, equipment, and personal opinion. Sodium carbonate (soda ash, also used to neutralize the acid from acid washing) or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) raises the pH level and muriatic acid (used in acid washing) or sodium bi-sulfate will lower it.

Checking the Pool pH Level regularly is important. Things can fall into the pool (rain water, plants, etc) and oils in human (or animal) skin, sun screen, or other things on swimmers bodies can alter the pH  level pretty quick. Even adding your chlorine can change the levels, so if the pH was where it needed to be but then you found out your chlorine levels were low the pH may be knocked into the dangerous zone (especially if it was on the far end of the appropriate range).

For the Pool:

Chemical reactions which can be harmful to your pool can occur if the water is too acidic or alkaline. Too much acidity can lead to corrosion of any metal equipment and etching on the pool surfaces. Increased alkaline levels can cause scaling to surfaces and the plumbing and cloud the water. If your water is starting to look a little cloudy  it could be a number of problems but checking the alkaline levels should  be done to eliminate the chances of it being a bigger problem. Changes on either end of the pH scale can cause issues with the chlorine, decreasing the effectiveness which can allow for algae or other growth and bacteria to form. High alkaline levels will keep the chlorine from working effectively, leading to growth. High acid levels means the chlorine will dissipate quickly, decreasing effectiveness.

Pool pH Level Matter

Etching on a pool surface.


Calcium is also needed in your pool to keep plaster from eroding. Too much can affect water clarity, increase scaling, and create stains. 200-400 ppm is the acceptable range, but right in the middle of that range is perfect for most pools.

Stabilizers and Chlorine:

Stabilizers can keep chlorine working longer by protecting the chlorine from heat, sun, and other elements. Using a stabilizer can keep you from using as much chlorine (and possibly decrease the strong chlorine scent found in a lot of pools) but too much stabilizer can mean you need to add water to your pool to dilute the stabilizer (and therefore check the pH and other levels since diluting one thing means diluting the rest).

For the Swimmers:

Heightened acidity can cause skin irritation which is uncomfortable and can cause bigger problems depending on the person. Young people or those with already sensitive skin should be extra caution when entering pools which may be a little more acidic than normal (slight increase in acidity may not cause problems or need immediate resolution but it wouldn’t hurt to adjust if it’s slightly higher than recommended). Irritation can be a good indicator that you need to check and adjust the Pool pH  Level.

If your pool water is off, even just a little (and on either side) it can start affecting your eyes as well! Your skin doesn’t like high acidity or alkalinity and water left to sit without added chemicals, chlorine or salt (in salt water pools) can experience pH changes just based on weather, air, and things that fall in or are introduced via swimmers or falling matter.

For more pool pH level maintenance information check out this site to understand your pool better.

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Pool Cleaning during Spring

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Pool Cleaning during Spring

Pool Cleaning

Spring is finally here, everyone! If you haven’t opened up your pool yet, now might be a great time! While you’re at it, let’s get everything extra clean and double check all of the equipment! If you didn’t close your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi for winter, now is the perfect time to check the chemicals and pH, clean pool tiles, check filters, and change light bulbs. Pool Daddy is here to help you with all of your pool needs, so give us a call to get started with weekly pool maintenance or a deep Spring Clean!

We’ve talked about acid washing before here. If your pool is looking a little green and your filters are working fine it may be time for an acid wash. Never jump straight to this—always try other methods of removing the cause of green-pool-syndrome. If this has never been done to your pool and your tiles are looking a little grimy and you find yourself cleaning your pool more than you’re enjoying it, Spring may be a good time to get this started—act fast before the summer temperatures start showing up!

No matter the filter type your pool or hot tub uses, now would be a great time to check it! Some may just need a filter change, others may need to have other elements of the filtration system cleaned, backwashed, or even replaced. Act now before Summer hits and everyone rushes out to replace and repair filters! Get a head start on keeping your pool clean and fresh for the rest of the warmer season!

Pool CleaningWeekly pool cleaning can be incredibly helpful! From removing leaves and debris to checking pH levels, we can do it all so you don’t have to! If you’re performing mass cleaning rituals on your home, why worry about your pool when you can have the professionals do it for you! No more worrying if your chlorine levels are appropriate to keep algae at bay, no more worrying if your salt cells are calcified or your sand needs to be changed! With our regular service you can leave it to us and we’ll make sure everything is clean and operating at max capacity!

Think we just deal with pools? Nope! We deal with in-ground and above-ground pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and everything in between. No matter the size or budget, we can help you keep your pool or hot tub running smoothly so you can enjoy your Spring and Summer in the sun in your well-kept pool and related investments! Don’t let a problem sneak up on you because proper maintenance can increase the longevity of every element of your pool or tub.

So while you’re trimming back the plants in the yard, vacuuming every crevice in your home, and swapping out the batteries in your smoke detectors, have one less thing to worry about by starting up weekly pool cleaning services, starting now! Spring cleaning is a great way to prepare for Summer!

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Pool Party Plan for Spring

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Open Your Pool Party For Spring

Pool Party

Spring is only 2 weeks away, so if you haven’t done so already, now might be a great time to dewinterize your pool! If your pool wasn’t closed for fall/winter, then it might be time for some extra TLC and maintenance before Easter (April 5)!

Easter often means family visits! Have the family come to you this year (bonus points for not having to drive yourself, right?) and entertain with the pool you’ve just opened up.Here’s a few ways to use your pool to entertain in a Spring/Easter theme!

  1. Easter Egg Hunt—UNDERWATER! Adults and kids alike will love diving for eggs filled with coins or marbles (bonus idea: color code marbles in the egg to mean different prizes).
  2. Pastel bathing suits: Snatch up a few spring-themed bathing suits with floral print, pastel colors, or even bright pinks and greens.
  3. Get some new pool party toys: Bring in some pool rafts, floaties, and tubes in fun patterns and colors to match the Easter décor you pop up.
  4. Grill: Sure, you can have a ham dinner like everyone else, or you can spice things up and cook a ham in a fire pit or grill by the pool. Or forget the ham and go for hamburgers with bacon!
  5. Entertain the family with the pool party instead of taking trips: What better way to relax with family than swimming, playing pool party games, and relaxing near a body of water? Don’t worry about having to entertain every member of the family the whole time they’re visiting, the pool party can do that for you!
  6. Bonus: Hot tubs and spas are a great way to unwind after a big Easter dinner and running around with the kids!

Pool PartyBefore you officially open up your pool party for the spring and summer, check out our post about dewinterization of your pool. It may also be beneficial to stock up on pool chemicals, replace filters if they’re starting to go, replace your pool lights, work on the aesthetics around the pool, and more. Spruce up everything to have the best summer ever—by starting early! In beautiful and sunny Arizona it’s almost never too early in the year to bring out the bathing suits and sunscreen! So let’s open those pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and more! In ground or above ground pools and tubs are no problem for Pool Daddy! We’ll help you get your pool in tip top shape before your next big pool party. After all, you wanted a pool party so you could have fun with it, right? So why worry about maintaining it by yourself, hire the professionals and we’ll have your pool party ready in no time!

Call today if you’re planning to throw a pool party or to schedule specific services or begin weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services.

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Salt Water Pool Maintenance

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Salt Water PoolSalt Water Pool Maintenance

Salt water pool have grown in popularity for many reasons, mostly health-based benefits and the fact that not a lot of people like the smell or feeling of chlorine on their skin. Today we’ll talk a little about the care of salt water pool. If you’re debating about going with chlorine or salt water pool systems, check out our blog posting regarding that conundrum.

Some sales persons try to push salt water systems by claiming they are “maintenance free,” but that is a load of bologna. No pool is completely maintenance free, but salt water pools are considered lower maintenance often because the salt is creating the chlorine, so there’s usually no need to add more salt to the system. Just like a chlorine pool, levels and machines need to be checked for full functionality. If this is something you want to think very little about, our weekly pool cleaning services would be perfect for you.

Salt levels: One of the most important—if not most important– parts of maintaining a salt water pool is keeping an eye on the salt levels. Chlorine is produced from the automatic chlorine generator, but it cannot do this without the proper salt levels. Yes, salt water pool still deal with chlorine, but it’s created instead of pumped in. Limited or no chlorine will cause your pool to collect growth and not function properly, so keep this in check. Your weekly pool maintenance technicians can check this periodically for you, but it can be done on your own. Salt levels can be affected by different parts of the pool, but most are easy fixes and are avoidable with regular checking and maintenance.

pH levels: The pH level of a salt water pool should be higher than that of a traditional chlorinated pool. At least once a week (preferably twice) it is wise to test the pH levels and add muriatic acid when needed to maintain a level between 7.4 and 7.8. These tests can be performed on your own, but our weekly pool services usually include checking and maintaining levels.

Stabalizer Levels: Sunlight can damage chlorine, so Cyanuric acid is used to stabilize and/or condition the water and chlorine to prevent damage. Keeping this stable prevents extra work to maintain salt and pH levels. Unlike pH levels, this only needs to be checked every few months, keeping the levels between 20 and 60 ppm. This should be an easy step in pool maintenance and the wide range gives some wiggle room between placement of the stabilizers, allowing you, as the pool owner, to worry less.

Filtration Time: Chlorine is only created when the filters are running, so some owners try to reduce the cost of electricity and longevity of filters by turning the filters off when the pool is not in use (like when no one is in the pool). This is not wise because it can lower the chlorine levels and allow mildew and other contaminants to grow in your pool. Reducing the time the filter is functioning could cost you more in repairs and cleaning than the electricity to run the filter.

Salt Water PoolCleaning Salt Cells: The salt chlorinator cell is an important part of your salt water pool. It is important to check for calcium build up and deposits on the cell places. If calcium is found, clean the cell as per the owner’s manual instructions. Dirty cells will alter the salt level of your pool. Our technicians can check and clean your salt cells for you with our weekly pool services.

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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.