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Pool Services : Save Time With Weekly Maintenance

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Pool servicesPool Services

Pool Daddy offers the best weekly pool services around, so give us a call to set up any regular maintenance. We will clean your pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi as well as check the water levels, pH balance, chemical levels, and more. Let us do all of that tedious work no pool owner wants to do! Here are just a few of the ways we can make your life easier and less stressful.

  1. It gets done right the first time: You will never have to second guess if you checked the levels of your pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi lately. You also won’t have to face algae growth because the chemical and pH levels weren’t accurately kept at the optimum level. We also use all of the best tools to check and clean your pool. Plus, if you haven’ winterized e, you will know it was done correct so you can have a stress free winner.
  2. Easy: Why bother doing all of ha work on our own when you can hire professionals to do it for you? He only finger you will have to lift is the ones you use to call or email us. Then you will wait for us to show up and we will do the rest.
  3. Save time: How much time do you spend working on our pool every year probably more than you would like, right you will have more time to enjoy your pool, hot tub, spa, or Jacuzzi with our help. Because we are professionals, the time we take to clean and check our pool will be much less than it would take you on your own.
  4. Save money: You will spend a little more on hiring us than you would doing it on our own, but you will not have to buy the chemicals, equipment, safety gear, or other equipment needed to clean our pool. You will also save money on repairs because a lot of issues pool owners need to repair can be caught early and the repairs will be less costly. We can usually notice things like loose tiles, filter problems, pump issues, and other issues based on how our pool looks and how often it needs to be cleaned.
  5. Look great: our pool, spa, or Jacuzzi will look great ear round and our experience using hem will be much more pleasant knowing you didn’t have slave away to get it to look so great .Above ground, in ground, indoor, and outdoor pools work best when he look great because cleanliness is the best indicator of pool health.

Pool Daddy would love to help you get your pool in shape and keep it here. A happy pool owner is a pool owner who doesn’t have to break a sweat to keep it clean.

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Pool Services – Indoor Pool : Perks, Care, and More

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Pool Services – Indoor Pool

Who doesn’t love a dip in a heated pool at a gym, hotel, or health club? Pools are great year round, but sometimes it gets a little too cold to swim in outdoor, non-heated pools. If you are a lucky owner of an indoor pool, this post is for you! If you’re not (yet) the owner of an indoor pool, you may want to get one after reading this!

Perks of indoor pools:

Pool Services

  • Temperature control: The weather is less likely to affect the temperature of an indoor pool. It may be easier to monitor and maintain temperatures during weather shifts.
  • Debris: While all pools can be victims of debris, indoor pools are less likely to have plant and animal debris from neighboring areas. Debris will still happen, but it’s a much more controlled environment.
  • Year round: A lot of indoor pools are open year round, especially for gyms, health spas, and other related uses. Water aerobics, therapy pools, lap swimming, and general fun can be had in an indoor pool.
  • Sunburn: Unless you have large windows in the pool room, sunburns are much less likely while swimming in an indoor pool.


  • Cost: It can be more expensive to install an indoor pool—especially if you already have the building set up. Building the walls around the pool may be easier—depending on the type of pool.
  • Maintenance: Most indoor pools are heated much more than outdoor pools, especially in the cooler months. Cleaning and other maintenance will need to be done as often as outdoor pools.
  • Less natural light: Sunshine can heat your outdoor pool (to a degree) and it’s nice to sunbathe in the natural sun when you’re poolside outside.
  • Social: Indoor pools are more often seen as serious. Hotels with business guests wanting to swim laps aren’t going to be too happy to see a family of 5 show up with their kids wanting to splash around—but if it’s a personal pool that’s not a problem!

All pools are awesome! Both indoor and outdoor pools have their perks and downsides, much like above-ground and in-ground pools have their positive and negative aspects. No matter what type or pool or hot tub you have, Pool Daddy can help you keep it clean and in proper working condition.

All pools will require regular cleaning, pH balancing, wall and floor cleaning, vacuuming, filter cleaning, shock treatments, and other basic maintenance functions. Lucky for you, Pool Daddy in Arizona knows what needs to be done and when. Give us a call to start scheduling weekly pool services or give us a call to have us walk you through what you should be doing regularly to keep your indoor pool open year round!

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Pool Services for Labor Day

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Pool Services for Labor Day

LLast Chance for Labor Day Pool Servicesabor Day is about a week away, so if you’re planning one last pool party before Autumn hits, now’s your chance! Labor Day tends to be the last big day for cookouts, barbeques, and big outdoor celebrations before everyone starts focusing on school, work, and working towards Christmas! Let’s get those pools in tip top shape for one last shindig before winterization!

If you’ve been using our weekly pool services, your pool may already be ready for a beautiful day of swimming, partying, and tanning. If you do most of your own pool maintenance, first of all we’re impressed, and second of all, you may want to get your equipment checked by a professional to ensure everything is running as it needs to in order to keep friends, family, and neighbors safe.

Things to look out for when hosting a party:

  1. Electrical Work: From lights to pumps and filters, everything is connected to a power source. It’s important to make sure all of your electrical work is running properly for maximum safety. The last thing anyone needs is a last minute electrical problem in a pool! As we know, water and direct electrical current don’t mix!
  2. Algae: The green slime that collects on your pool walls and floor is unsightly and feels weird, but it can also be a health risk! Much like mold and other growth, it’s not safe to get into direct contact with this stuff—especially if it gets ingested! Make sure your filters and pumps are running at optimum levels to reduce the algae growth. Regular pool wall cleanings are also an important step in preventing this growth.
  3. Chemicals: A pool with off balanced levels can harbor algae growth, but it can also easily irritate the skin of your swimmers. Regular use of your pool can alter the levels due to body lotions, hair care products, sun screen, and other contaminants which can alter your pH levels. Plants and dirt getting into your pool can also affect the chemical levels. This is why we recommend weekly chlorine, pH and other chemical testing. Besides swimmer comfort, imbalanced levels can affect your equipment as well.
  4. Efficiency: Filters which need to be replaced, cleaned, or back washed may be working extra hard to do their job or it will eventually cause damage to the filter system or lead to harmful algae growth before you know it! Outdated pumps and heaters can also decrease efficiency—especially of the power efficiency kind! Keeping up to date with equipment can save money in the long run and decrease your power usage (and carbon footprint!).

Give us a call for a pool services or to schedule weekly visits between now and winterization. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and you’ll be rushing to get your pool shut down for the season.

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Swimming Pool For Fall Preparation?

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Swimming Pool For Fall Preparation?Swimming Pool For Fall?

We’re in the last half of summer, so it might be time to start discussing fall preparations for your swimming pool. While some owners can keep their pool operating throughout the year, but there are a few things you want to keep in mind throughout the end of summer and through fall. Today we’ll talk about some things you may want to consider this season change.

-Early winterization: If you don’t plan on using your swimming pool or hot tub one school starts back because your kids are the main ones using it, getting a jump start on winterization may be a good idea. If it would go otherwise unused, keeping all of the pumps and filters running when the pool isn’t used but once or twice throughout the entire autumn, it may not be worth it. Contact us if you want to winterize your pool because it can be a pain to get every detail correct to prevent damage to your covers or pool itself.

  • Increase skimming: depending on the trees, bushes, and plants in your area, you may experience an increase in debris in your pool.
  • Chemicals: If the temperature drops as noticeable amount it may affect your chemical balancing. Lowered temperatures will mean you need less chlorine to keep the levels at a functioning point. You should still check it weekly, more so if the temperature drops or rises suddenly.
  • If the temperatures drop enough you may be able to decrease the amount of time you run your pumps. Let us know if you feel as if you can alter the time your pump runs and we’ll check it out.
  • Don’t ignore a cleaning schedule. It’s easy to forget to clean your swimming pool, including scrubbing the walls, checking the filters, emptying the baskets, and using a pool vacuum. Especially as your use decreases; if you go from using it daily to only using it on weekends you may lose track of time and when you last cleaned the pool. This is where weekly cleaning comes in handy.

Ask our technicians or a swimming pool specialist about any chemicals you may want to add in your slightly-off season. Some things you may want to consider or adjust may be minor, others may take a little more work, so call today and ask about seasonal changes you need to keep in mind for your swimming pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi.

Whatever you do at the end of this summer, stay safe, consult your swimming pool technicians, and have fun. Don’t let cooler weather ruin your fun because you can still use your pool, especially in such warm a warm climate like that found in Arizona. We get so much sunshine, many swimming pool owners keep their pool open year round—with the help of our employees at Pool Daddy.

Call Pool Daddy now for you swimming pool services needs..

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Pool Problems Common Complaints

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Fight Common Pool ProblemsPool Problems

Pools are beloved by many, but, as with anything else in this work, there are drawbacks. Today we’ll discuss a few of the common complaints related to pools, swimming, pool maintenance, and more that pool owners or pool frequenters deal with– and how to deal with it.

  1. “I hate the chlorine smell on my skin.” There are a few solutions to this problem. They make chlorine removal shampoos! Hair is the hardest thing to get chlorine smells out of, so this could work as a body wash, too, so you can get on with your day and not smell like your pool. You can also make chlorine removing lotion or use crystallized vitamin C and rinse your skin with a solution of that and water. You can also find shower attachments that include vitamin C in your shower stream for cheap. Another solution is to swim in salt water pools! You may not be able to convert your pool to salt water, but if you can or you are thinking of installing a pool, consider a salt water filtration system. It will reduce the chlorine odor and you won’t need to buy chlorine tablets.
  2. “What about my kids and animals?” Even well behaved kids and pets can be in danger when in or around a pool. Installing a gate around the pool is one great solution. This will also keep neighbor pets and children from wandering into your yard and getting into the pool or getting hurt.
  3. “Pools are expensive,” While pools are costly, they do add to your home value. Not dollar-for-dollar, but if you want a pool, you will get back a portion of what you put into it when you sell your home. As technology improves, pools are getting cheaper to produce and install, too.
  4. “Taking care of a pool takes so much time, money, and energy.” Pools do take time to maintain, but even basic chlorinated pools can be cheap to run. With high performance and energy efficient equipment the cost to keep the pool running isn’t that high. The chemicals you will need to balance your chlorinated pool aren’t very expensive, either, and if you check the levels regularly you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money adjusting the levels. It can only take a few minutes to check and balance your pool levels, and it will save you a ton in the long run.
  5. “They get green!” This happens when too much algae builds up in the pool. This can happen from neglect or just normal wear and tear of your pool and equipment. Acid washing can help this, but it can be a time consuming process and it requires draining the pool. Regular cleaning can prevent this from happening for a while.
  6. “I want to hire a pool cleaning company, but I don’t know who,” For all of your pool cleaning and maintenance needs, Pool Daddy in Arizona is here for you! We offer great prices and great services, from weekly pool maintenance to emergency repairs and installations of equipment, to big cleaning jobs like acid washing! So hire the professionals and take away a lot of the stress and effort of pool ownership.Related Topics:

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Pool Service Weekly to Save Time and Money

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Pool Service Weekly to Save Time and MoneyPool Service Weekly to Save Time and Money

Pool Daddy offers weekly services at a reasonable and competitive price to all of our clients! If you’ve ever used our services (one time, regular, winterization, installation, upgrades, etc) then you have been informed of our weekly services and what they entail As a refresher, here is a   general list of what most weekly services entail:

  • Removal of debris and inspection for water clarity, color, etc.
  • Test pH, chlorine, and alkaline levels and adjust as needed.
  • Check and adjust water level for maximum pump efficiency.
  • Check the filters and backwash or clean when needed.
  • Clean the tile at the water line, add algaecide if necessary.
  • Brush the pool sides.
  • Inform you if any further services may be needed in the near future, including equipment maintenance.

You may be thinking that’s not a lot of work, I can do that. But when these things aren’t kept in check, your pool can go downhill very quickly. We’re all humans, as pool owners we sometimes put off checking our pool or don’t do every task required to keep it operating regularly. Why deal with the stress of remembering to do these things when you can have someone do them for you! Today we’ll give you some reasons to use our services and some helpful tips to keep your pool clean and healthy.

  1. Keep an eye out for water color and algae growth. Chances are, you will be able to feel or see algae growth if you use your pool regularly. It can be easy to miss discoloration because if you look at your pool every day it’s easy to miss something. It’s like if you let your hair grown out and someone sees you after weeks and they point out how long it is. You didn’t think it had changed that much because you see it all the time.
  2. Keeping a properly chemically balanced pool is important for both pool and swimmer health. A pool with too much or not enough chlorine or other chemicals can cause problems with skin, cleanliness, and even affect how the equipment works.
  3. Salt water pools still need maintenance. People will tell you they’re maintenance free, but that is a gross inaccuracy and exaggeration. The type of maintenance tends to be simpler and some things can be left for longer periods of time with no negative effects, but it still needs to be checked regularly.
  4. Hiring someone to service your pool regularly ensures it’s being done correctly. Not everyone is confident enough in their knowledge of pool chemicals and appropriate levels, so reading a pH stick may be difficult or cause you to obsessively check because you’re not sure if the reading was 7.1 or 6.9. Throw doubt out the window and have the professionals do it.
  5. Pools are mean to be fun! Get in there this summer and cool off, enjoy your pool, and maybe don’t let the kids jump from running in the grass straight into the pool. And invest in water proof sunscreen. Both of these ideas can keep your pool cleaner in the long run and reduce your need to clean the filters. Dirt and grass in your pool is not ideal.
    Pool Service Weekly to Save Time and Money

Call today to schedule a visit or weekly pool service!

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Pool Party Post Cleanup

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Pool Party Post CleanupPool Party Post Cleanup

By now you’ve probably recovered from your July 4th celebrations and have relaxed and recuperated enough to get to cleaning up after your friends and family members. Last week we talked about an Independence Day pool party, but the part no one likes to think about is clean up! If you had a lot of people in and out of the pool, applying sunscreen, eating in or around the pool, fireworks, and a grill nearby you may be in need of some more cleaning. When in doubt, or if you’re just not up to doing any cleaning yourself, call Pool Daddy to schedule weekly maintenance or ask for a one-time cleaning and checkup for your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi.

A lot of things that happen during pool parties can change the chemical balance in your pool, such as:

  1. Sweat
  2. Dirt
  3. Oils from skin
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Hair and body products
  6. Firework or barbeque residue
  7. Food or drink from accidental spillage.

If the chemical balance of your pool gets too knocked out of whack it can eventually decrease the effectiveness of the chlorine, leading to algae build up. This isn’t to say you need to scrub your pool and add more chlorine after every time people swim, but after a large gathering you should double check your chemical and pH levels to ensure the pool is operating at maximum efficiency. Taking a few minute to check and adjust levels can prevent you from having to deal with time consuming cleanings ahead of schedule.

If you find that the chemical levels of your pool change drastically after pool parties, it may be wise to try shocking it 1-2 days before a party. This will ensure the water is crystal clear and clean for your guests and decrease your chances of having to alter the chemical or cleaner levels after the pool party. It may also be a good idea to shock your pool after a large party if you feel the chemical levels and cleanliness have been altered drastically. This is an especially good idea if you had a lot of children in the pool or you know something got into the water that should not have.

For shocking your pool, it is best to wait until sunset (or just before or just after) to ensure less of the chlorine is burned off. Chlorine when left in direct sun can lose its potency, leading to an increased use of the chemical– wasting money, time, and leaving a pool with excess useless chlorine.

If you do not wish to do this on your own, call Pool Daddy and we Can schedule a maintenance or cleaning visit at an affordable price. Even the most seasoned pool owners want a break from time to time! So get to planning the next pool party and leave the cleaning to us!

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Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?

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Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?

Fiberglass is a popular option for pool surfaces, so if you’re considering building a pool in the near future you may want to keep reading.

Generally, fiberglass pools require less cleaning than other surfaces. The fiberglass is smoother than other surfaces, causing less debris and algae to stick to the walls. Because of the type of material it tends to be the most expensive option for pool surfaces, but the overall quality and care makes it worth it.

Shapes, Sizes, and More:

Fiberglass allows for any size or shape of pool, but unlike other pool types they have to be made and then transported to the final resting spot at your home. This limits the sizes available for fiberglass pools, but makes a great option for unusual sizes or shapes. They can accommodate any added feature other pools can including added decking, steps, attached hot tubs, waterfalls, and more.

On top of custom sizes and shapes, fiberglass pools can also feature a cantilever deck which can then be combined with different pool finishes (tile, pebble, etc).

Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Building/Installation:

Fiberglass, if you didn’t already know, is lightweight and created by weaving glass threats together into a fabric. A polyester resin is then added to hold and keep the shape as well as harden the fiberglass. A weather-resistant gel is then added to give it the smooth finish it’s known for. After completion it is transported to your home and placed in the dugout hole. It can be completed in as little as 1-3 days, depending on the excavation and electrical work and the scheduling of the formation of the pool.


Most fiberglass pools maintain their pH levels with less monitoring and often do not have as much algae build up as concrete or vinyl pools. This can save you time on cleaning and money on chemical balancing chemicals. And of course, the less time and money you need to spend on your pool maintenance the more you can spend on cool new pool toys!

Most spots or water line markings can be cleaned with a sponge or rag with some basic pool cleaner but anything that cannot be remedied in that fashion should be addressed by a professional, as harsher chemicals can ruin the gel coating of your fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Pool technicians at Pool Daddy can help you take care of your fiberglass pool! We will make sure your pumps and filters are operating at peak efficiency and we’ll skim any debris, check pH levels, clean any spots, and vacuum anything that has settled to the bottom! Weekly maintenance is a great idea for any pool, but you can adjust the regular visits to suit your needs and your abilities. If you can check and balance your pH levels but you don’t want to keep the equipment around to do cleaning, we’ve got you covered! If you just want to save time and effort in learning how to clean your pool we can help with that, too!

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Pool Party Ways to Use Pool in April and May

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Pool Party Ways on Holidays

It’s not quite summer but you’re itching for pool parties and days lounging on pool rafts. Don’t worry, there’s always an excuse to throw a pool party!

Pool PartyCinco de Mayo

May 5th is a Mexican holiday. It’s also a great excuse to throw a pool party (just like St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to throw a pool party with green beer and funny hats). Bring your friends and neighbors and family members by to have a Cinco de Mayo pool party with tequila and tacos and sombreros.

Mother’s Day (May 10)

Invite your mother to your home for a day of pool party fun. Be it lounging in the pool, playing with the kids, or even a spa day in your Jacuzzi she’ll love it!

Graduations, Birthdays, and More

Kids are graduating high school and college in the coming months. Save on a venue and house cleaning by throwing a pool party instead! Same goes for birthday parties of all ages! Skip Chuck-E-Cheese and stay at home with a pool party. Stock up on sodas, snacks, and pool party toys and let them have at it.

Pool PartyEarth Day (April 22)

Turn off all lights in your home for several hours of the day and appreciate the beauty that is outside for earth day. Serve salad, fruit, and other food options that require little preparation and cool storage. Same goes for Arbor Day (April 24) only maybe throw in some potted trees or plant a tree in your neighborhood before or after the swimming and nature-appreciation.

Memorial Day (May 25)

It’s a bit early to be talking about this, but bring over your veteran friends and family to swim around in the pool or veg out in the hot tub to show them your appreciation.

No matter how you use your pool this spring, do it right by making sure everything is running smooth. Our weekly pool services can include inspections, cleaning, filter checks, and more. It’s important to make sure your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi is running smoothly at all time for the longevity of the equipment as well as the safety of the users and home. Schedule your regular visits now and have everything running smooth and perfect by the time temperatures start staying towards 100 degrees every day.

Pool PartyIf you still haven’t dewinterized your pool, we can help you with that. Call today to schedule the reopening of your public or personal pool and schedule our weekly service. We’ll catch what needs to be replaced, repaired, cleaned, or flushed so that’s one less thing for you to worry about and you’ll be one step closer to an open pool that’s fun and safe for everyone.

So stock up on those pool party toys and pool-friendly snacks because it’ll only get warmer from here! Let’s get those pools working at max capacity and with little to no stress on you.

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Yepp! Give us a call when you are looking for professionalism in all your pool needs.