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Pool Tile Repair: Fix It Now or Suffer

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Pool Tile Repair Pool tile helps pools look new, clean, pretty, and customized. Tiles falling into disrepair can cause problems both visually and functionally. Whether it’s the tiles cracking or a deeper problem, Pool Daddy is here to help. The biggest problems in tile repair come from pools in locations where the water has the

Pool Heaters

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Different Types Of Pool Heaters Just like there are different types of heaters for your home, there are options for your pool. Today we’ll discuss various options with their advantages and disadvantages. Just remember, at Pool Daddy, we will service nearly all pool heaters. Even in warm climates, a heated pool is great. Cool nights

Pool Party For Thanksgiving Celebration

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Thanksgiving Pool Party Celebration Thanksgiving is quickly approaching—as seen by stores setting up Christmas decorations and displays already. If you’re struggling for ideas for your family or friends Thanksgiving celebration, consider throwing a pool party! It sounds insane for most of the country but Phoenix is begging for it! With average high temperatures at 70

Acid Washing Pools

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Acid Washing Pools When pools begin looking slimy and swamp-like, it’s time for a good acid washing. This process is also called “drain and clean.” This removes all traces of algae from improper winterization, neglect, or an algae takeover. What this process does is strip a thin layer of plaster from the pool, exposing fresh