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Back-washing Sand-Based Filter

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Sand Changes and Back-washing If you’re unfamiliar with how pool filters work, you may be confused when someone mentions changing the sand in the filter having sand in a filter, to some, may sound like a problem. Pool filters often use sand to help trap dirt and very small particles (between 20-100 microns). Sand filters

Pool Winterization!

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Steps of Pool Winterization! Winter is officially here! It’s time to winterize the pool. You may be thinking “but it’s so warm out, I can use my pool year round!” but unless you plan on using the pool and cleaning it regularly, you may want to consider winterization to save time, effort, and money during

Green Pool? Here’s Why And How To Fix it!

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Green Pool? Here’s Why And How To Fix it! Any time you suspect there’s a problem with your pool (functions, filtration, aesthetics, and more) you can always call Pool Daddy and we’ll come take a look. Green pools are a common problem and should always be taken care of quickly. Today we’ll talk about how

Hot Tubs Installation and Maintenance

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Hot Tubs With the weather getting a little cooler (though still warmer than other parts of the country) you may want to spend more time in your hot tubs—or you’re considering installing a hot tub. Today we’ll talk about the installation and maintenance of hot tubs. Installation: Not all hot tubs require constant water supply.