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Above Ground Hot Tub Vs. In Ground Hot Tub!

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Above Ground Hot Tub Vs. In Ground Hot Tub! Hot tubs are great for cold nights (if you use it regularly, otherwise consider winterization) and they’re also very soothing and relaxing year-round. If you’re considering installing a hot tub at any time (especially with Spring coming right around the corner, with Summer right behind) read

Pool Lights: Repairs and Checks

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Pool Lights: Repairs and Checks Whether you’re installing some brand new lights or you’ve just installed a pool and you need lights in general, there are specific steps to follow and some warnings. Today we’ll discuss pool lights installation, replacement, and checking. WARNING: Before working on pool lights, regardless of the water level, turn off

Salt Water Pool Maintenance

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Salt Water Pool Maintenance Salt water pool have grown in popularity for many reasons, mostly health-based benefits and the fact that not a lot of people like the smell or feeling of chlorine on their skin. Today we’ll talk a little about the care of salt water pool. If you’re debating about going with chlorine