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9 Gifts to Give a Pool Owner this New Year

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New Year is coming, and it may be time to start thinking about Christmas presents. If you have a pool owner on your list, we may have some ideas for gifts you can give them! 1. Pay for Pool Cleaning Services Even the most hands-on pool owner may want a break from the cleaning and

Hot Tub for Your Cold Winter: Best Combo for Relaxing

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Hot Tub for Your Cold Winter: Best Combo for Relaxing By this time next week, we'll be easing out of the Christmas holiday mood. And the winter cold won't be letting up either. Unwind the best way possible with your hot tub, indoor pool, or Jacuzzi. From the infinity pools to your basic above ground Jacuzzi,

Winter Pool Maintenance in Arizona

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During the winter months in Arizona, it usually isn’t that cold, but definitely cold enough to keep you out of an unheated pool! There are quite a few pools in Arizona that are equipped with pool heaters in order to enjoy the water all year round. Many homes with swimming pools in Arizona also have

How to Install and Maintain a Hot Tub

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With the weather getting a little cooler (though still warmer than other parts of the country) you may want to spend more time in your hot tubs—or you’re considering installing a hot tub. Today we’ll talk about the installation and maintenance of hot tubs. How to Install Hot Tubs Not all hot tubs require a

Pool Heaters for Scottsdale Pools this Winter

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In Scottsdale, pool owner’s like to use their pools year round. With our mild climate and perfect winter temperatures the only thing missing is warm pool water.  Once the temperatures drop below the 70’s at night many Scottsdale Pool owners won’t go near the water because the water is too cold to enjoy.  This is

How to Winterize your Pool in Phoenix this Christmas

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It's no longer news that we are in the cold and freezing months of winter. Winter brings a lot of good things. It brings the white beauty called snow. But if you own an in-ground swimming pool, it may be the cop that shuts down your pool party. Which means you have to winterize your