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Vinyl Pool over Fiberglass and Concrete Pools? Here’s why

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We’ve talked about fiberglass and concrete pools recently, so it’s time to talk about vinyl pool. All types of pools have their perks and downsides, so it’s time to give vinyl a shot. Vinyl Pool When someone says they have a vinyl liner for their pool it just means the interior surface is vinyl that

5 Fresh Reasons to Install a Swimming Pool

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Everyone would love to have a swimming pool at the back of their of their homes. For many awesome reasons this is true. But what are those 5 other reasons that don't come to the mind as easily? 5 Fresh Reasons to Install a Swimming Pool 1. Conversation starter When having guests over, sometimes it’s

How do I Know when to drain my pool?

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As a pool owner in the Arizona state, we believe you have some questions about your new pool installation. Questions like "How do I know when to drain my pool?" No, the answer isn't "when the water turns green." In this post, we've addressed most of the confusing things about owning a pool. We have

Sand Changing and Back Washing your Pool Filters

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If you’re unfamiliar with how pool filters work, you may be confused when someone mentions changing the sand in the filter having sand in a filter, to some, may sound like a problem. Sand Changes and Back-washing Pool filters often use sand to help trap dirt and very small particles (between 20-100 microns). Sand filters

10 Excellent Reasons to Install a Pool

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If you’re debating about whether to install a pool or buy that house with a pool already installed (versus lack of pool), read this post and soon you’ll be convinced that a pool is for you. Once you have your pool (or if you already do) consider Pool Daddy for all of your cleaning and

Repair Your Pool Tile Now, Cheap and Effective

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There is a popular saying that: A stitch in time saves nine Although, this is a cliche nowadays but old is gold. I did it again. What it means is that you have to stop and fix a problem before it gets worse. Take your pool tile for example. When do you think it is

What is the Best Pool Pump for my Pool?

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Pentair WhisperFlo 1.5HP Single Speed Pool Pump 11581 Pool Pumps There are 3 main types of pumps for pool owners: single speed two-speed variable speed pumps.   Maybe you recently installed a swimming pool and you're trying to decide on what's the best pool pump to use. Today we’re going to help you