How To Prevent Water Wastage in Pools

Summer is around the corner. It’s that time of the year we want to spend time in the pool . This is because of the high temperatures. So it’s only natural we want to splash around all day in the pool. But, splashing around has its consequences. Yes, it does. You waste water. How does this work? Well, due to high temperatures, when the water splashes out, it eventually evaporates. In this way, water is wasted.

Conservation of resources is a hot topic these days. So, since water is a resource, a priceless one at that, how do we conserve it? We’ll do so in the following ways.

1. Find Leaks and Repair Them

Check your returns and your skimmers. Are there leaks in those channels? If yes, repair them. If there are any other channels through which water will leak from, find them and repair them. If you do this, you would have really saved more water for your swimming pool . You should also check the lights and drains for cracks. If there are cracks in the vinyl lining of the pool, water could leak from there.

If you’re difficulty finding a leak source, it would be wise you employ the services of a professional. He would do the findings and take care of repairs if need be.

2. Minimize Evaporation

It isn’t possible to totally stop evaporation. It’s not surprising as evaporation is a natural phenomenon and it is “the water cycle”. Every hour, water is lost in a pool. For summertime, about a quarter inch water is lost from the pool to the atmosphere. They’re some things you could try that will help tremendously minimize water loss. The first is the use of wind blocks. This functions as breaks for wind, to slow than effect. These windbreaks include hedges and building fences.

Another way to minimize evaporation is by using a solar blanket. You could also remove the water features. Though it could affect the look of your home, it minimizes water loss. This is true because instead of supplying water to your fountain or ponds, the water goes to the pool.

If you use a hot tub or heated pool, you could turn down the thermostat. This however little it seems can make a lot of difference.

3. Minimize Backwash Loss

This is a problem for pool owners . Because of the kind of water filters they use causes loss of water in the pool. In fact, sand filters can use up to hundreds of gallons of water per day. That’s a huge waste. So instead, you could try filtering your water by using separation tanks. They are very effective filter tools. If you still want your sand filters, you could try slowing down its refreshing rate. Or instead, you could use robotic cleaners for your pools. They conserve water.

These are some ways you could prevent water wastage in the home. Do you have any questions?  If you do, you can contact us. Pool daddy has professionals that can help you with installation or repairs of the pool. Contact us.