You, a law-abiding citizen and proud of owner of a pool, will one day need the services of some Pool Companies. You probably make a mistake in hiring the wrong kind of pool company and something you don’t like happens.

We want to warn you about such happenings in this blog post. And if you’re smart and willing to avoid problems and scam pool companies, you should read this.

Pool Cleaners

Here are 5 harmful things some pool companies may do to you

#1 Skip your home

Some pool cleaners will skip homes when they are behind schedule. Reputable companies will not skip appointments if they can avoid it. The right company will either reschedule or inform you of the problem and work something out. Some companies, however, will just skip and hope you don’t call the company and ask about it. Check with your pool cleaning service provider if you have been missed or if there was some other issue.

#2 High turnover rate of employees

Smaller companies tend to keep a close-knit group of employees far better than larger companies. Larger companies can afford to train multiple people but often don’t train them past the minimum requirements. You gain a much more intimate relationship with smaller local companies since they tend to take pride and time in training technicians who are trained in the chemistry, engineering, plumbing, and other required fields for proper pool maintenance . Be leery of companies who seem to have new groups of technicians at every visit and ask about the training provided to employees.

#3 Changing fees or charging more for chemicals

While the expected or agreed upon cost may change depending on the season, services provided, and gas prices, the price shouldn’t randomly increase beyond a discussed flat rate. General chemicals like chlorine shouldn’t change the cost significantly, but special ordered chemicals or products may. Regardless of the amount used, a fixed amount should be applied for the use of chemicals.

#4 Used parts in the maintenance

While there may be nothing wrong with a used part (installed for one season, refurbished, etc) some companies may be using parts which are likely to break or malfunction due to age or amount of previous use. Insist upon knowing the age and prior usage of any parts involved in repairs. If they refuse to tell you, there’s a good chance it’s a cheap used part.Pool Cleaners

#5 Be aware of the regulations

Some states only require tax based information and minimal licensing to open up a pool cleaning and maintenance company and some companies may sub out repairs to other companies. Make sure you are aware of the licensing and any third party companies involved in your pool maintenance , cleaning, and repair. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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We pride ourselves with honesty and conduct business with integrity. There are things some pool companies do that we would like to warn you about.

Check out sites like Angie’s List to read about companies and gather some tips for choosing the right pool cleaners or other service provider.