5 Reasons the Bistro Lighting for your pool is a Bad Idea

Pools are so much fun. You could party or just swim with friends.  Swimming on a warm night is also terrific. Probably you’re worried about lighting, of course, no one wants to swim in the dark. It isn’t safe and it’s a little bit scary. You may have seen the recent trend in pool lighting, the Bistro lighting which is basically hanging string lights over a pool . Looks dope right? No don’t get it,  as cool as it looks it’s deadly. The last thing you want is death by electrocution while having fun.

There are 5 reasons Bistro lighting is a bad idea.  I’m going to share them.  You may just see how dangerous they really are.

Bistro Lights are not Designed for Pools

There isn’t a single advert featuring the use of bistro lights for a pool. The manufacturers know that they are not safe if used as pool lights . Someone somewhere tried hanging these string lights over a pool, it looked cool,  took pictures of it and posted it on the Internet. Now it’s trending. A fatal trend it is. Moreover, bistro lights are supposed to be 10 feet above the ground,  but it doesn’t appear that way in these pictures.

Bistro lighting are potentially dangerous around pools

It’s Not Much Fun

Yes, it actually limits your fun. Think about this,  you want to play with a beach ball in the position with your friends and because electricity is hanging just above your heads, you cannot.  You end up rolling the ball across the water to your friends,  not so fun, is it?

Also,  if it a windy night, there’s the risk of the string lights falling off. What fun is the pool time with these worries hanging over your head? It’s not worth it,  especially not for trendy lighting.

Accidents Can Occur

Talking about a windy day,  while the thought of being electrocuted is scary,  actually being electrocuted is terrible.  The lights may fall into the pool and hurt someone even when it isn’t powered.

Pools are accident prone enough while increasing your chances of injury with string lights. Moral of the story: string lights are bad for your pool

Makes Cleaning Your Pool more Difficult

Some tools used to clean pools are quite long and difficult to maneuver. It’ll be worse of the cleaner is also trying to avoid overhead cords and bulbs. It also makes it more difficult to use the net and brush effectively. Consider your pool cleaners, don’t make their job more difficult.


Death by electrocution is possible.  True,  there are safety measures in place like the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). What the GFCI does is to trip the high voltage circuit if the lights fall into the pool. But then it’s not 100% foolproof. It’s possible the GFCI fails when the lights fall into the water. If this happens everyone barefoot around or in the water stands a risk of being electrocuted and this could lead to death. These bistro lights are not worth the risk. Why decorate your pool if the decorations might be the last things you see.

Bistro lights are not for your pools. It is absolutely a bad idea.  Use of electricity near water have codes that should strictly be followed.  If you want your pools to be lighted in the dark, there are other safer and effective means to do this. At Pool Daddy , we offer these safer alternatives and their installation services.  We care about fun,  most importantly safe fun.