5 Reasons why you should invest in a Pool

Are you seriously considering investing in  pool for your home? I must say, that’s some good thinking there. You’ve come. To the  right place if you need reasons to get a swimming pool for your home. Swimming pools don’t just provide a place for you to dip yourselves in – even that will be a good idea this coming summer -, but they also serve other purposes. They include:

1. As a Conversation Starter

When having guests over, sometimes it’s hard to get everyone involved in the conversation. Install interesting colored lights or tiles and maybe put some interesting patterns in mosaic styles in your pool . Not only will you look fancy and sophisticated, but there’s a good chance someone will ask why your lights are bright green instead of dull off-white. Put your initials in the tiles along the side and feel like a celebrity. Get some smoke machines and make it a little creepy and mysterious.

2. Keeps Kids out of Trouble

When kids have the option to swim in a pool or drive/ride/bike around town causing mischief, most of them will choose a poolside summer instead of sweating on their bikes.

3. Themed parties

Make it college night by buying inflatable beer pong kits, installing volleyball nets, or turning towels into togas. Make it a beach or lake theme by bringing in plastic pink flamingos, fake turtles, palm trees, lily pads, or anything your heart desires. Anyone who couldn’t go to Florida this year for vacation can feel like they’re there. Hire a teenager to act as a server and towel warmer and pay them in pool time.

4. Great Excuse to Host Parties

Who doesn’t like a swimming pool party ? No need for super fancy food or decorations. Just invite the friends, family, and neighbors over and throw some food on a grill or make finger food and buy some sodas. No one will question your motives for throwing said parties. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or just another random Sunday, tell people it’s BYOB and BYOTowel.

5. Save on Electricity, Air Conditioning, and Showering

A well maintained swimming pool will keep you entertained all summer long. It’ll keep you out of the house in the fresh air and cool water. You won’t need to have all of your lights, TV’s, and air conditioning on all day long. With proper lighting, you can hang out all night, too. And if you’re spending 3 days straight pool-side, showering will be an afterthought. Water’s clean, you don’t need to shower after swimming in a clean pool.

Hopefully, you are well convinced of why you should get a swimming pool installed in your home. You can even contact us for landscaping needs and our team will work with the local landscaping groups to keep your pool and surrounding area clean, safe, and beautiful. People may start getting sick of seeing your beautiful sun-kissed skin and tan lines by the end of the summer, but come fall and winter they may be begging to spend time in your heated pool or spa.

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