7 Awesome Pool Accessories You Can Afford

It does feel great to have extra money, doesn’t it? Think about it: you want to embark on a project. For example, a building project. You want to be responsible and budget conscious, so you pass up on a few of your wants. Then you realize after the project execution that you have some spare money, oh the joy! You can now pay attention to those awesome accessories you neglected.

I know the feeling. I had saved up money for a new car and I spent one thousand dollars less than I saved up. That left me spare one thousand dollars which I put to good use. I pimped my ride!

The project could be a pool . You’ve got extra money and would really love to accessorize it. Here is a list of accessories you can afford for your pool to give it an awesome look.

Accessory 1: Jets

Spa experience, check! Jets are therapeutic and they cost way less than an actual spa would. Jets just cost about $400 each. That’s pretty cool for the experience it offers.

You’ll need a plumber for the installation while the pool is being built.

Accessory 2: Poolside Plants

You may want to landscape right up to your pool. Too much? Then consider using potted plants, that easy. If you are a little artsy, actually design sections of the patio into little plots of land. Poolside planter cost about $350 to $700 depending on your choice of stones.

Accessory 3: Bubblers in the Tanning Ledge

Bubbles add to the visual and auditory beauty of a pool. It can be made cooler; you could add lights for a nice pool party experience, or increase the intensity to form a cute fountain. But they’ve got to be added during pool installation .

Bubblers cost around $450 to $700 each.

Accessory 4: Separate Concrete Border Around the Pool

A concrete patio is neat and inexpensive. You may want your patio to go all the way to the pool. Have all of it poured at the same time, so there is no visual breakup between the pool border and the patio. Well, instead, you could do a separate pour of about two feet for the pool border. Then pour the patio concrete around the border.

Concrete is not expensive, they cost about $12 to $18 per square foot.

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Accessory 5: Cascade

A cascade is a small waterfall. It usually measures 12 to 18 inches in width.  It can be layered in a retaining and the plumbing for this should be done during the initial pool installation .

A pool cascade costs around $1,000.

Accessory 6:  Automatic Pool Vacuum

Cleaning pools can be a difficult task. Automatic cleaners can save you the stress. This accessory can be bought anytime, it isn’t limited to the original pool design and installation. Common types of automatic cleaners include:

  • Robotic cleaners
  • Pressure-side cleaners
  • Suction-side cleaners

Automatic pool vacuums cost from $400 to $2,500 depending on our preference.

 Accessory 7: Waterline Tile

Swimming pools require waterline tiles. Waterline tiles are purely designed accents for pools. It should measure 2 inches in width or smaller.

Common materials for waterline tiles include:

  • Stone
  • Porcelain
  • glass

If you are still not sure of what you want for your pool and you still have more questions to ask, feel free to call us up. We would be happy to assist you.