7 Fun Pool Accessories fit for this Summer

Welcome to June! In preparation for summer and all the fun it comes with, we are going to share with you some amazing ideas of additions you can make to your pool to enjoy it better this summer.

Pool Accessories Fit for Summer

Pool Accessories For Summer!#1 ACTION

Believe it or not, a rock climbing wall for the edge of your pool exists. Forget a high-dive diving board—try this on for size! Be careful about belly-and back- flops and make sure your pool is deep enough for this awesome accessory. It’s quite costly but once properly installed it will provide you with years of fun and excitement. Be the envy of your neighbors if you have the budget to try this thing out. There are also inflatable versions you may be able to put in larger pools but are even more expensive.


Bring your friends together for some pool poker! It included waterproof playing cards and 4 separate floating seats. Earn some cash (or other forms of tender in your game) while staying cool. Loser has to do a belly flop!


Always be careful mixing pools and beer, but you can find floating beer pong tables here and here. Not into beer? Just have fun with the challenging game with soda, punch, fruit juice, or any other liquid. Bonus: It could double as a raft so you can lay out in the sun to rest after a rigorous game—winner gets to lay on the raft for an hour without being disturbed. Warning: Playing beer pong in water could lead to extra cleanings if any liquid spills. And drink responsibly.


Want to know how it feels to be a hamster in a ball or wheel? Try out the Inflatable Nuclear Water Glove Float. Climb inside and roll, run, crawl, and spin around on the water.


Have a pool and a golf lover? Practice your swing with this 3ft by 4 ft patch of golf green that comes with golf balls that float and more!


Forget rushing into the house to grab drinks or snacks when you’re lounging in a pool tube or on a pool raft! Have someone load up this motorized radio control drink float and drive it to you instead! Whoever’s cooking out on the weekends can load it up since they’re obviously not getting wet just yet. Also great for lazy teenagers or moms who want to avoid their children tracking water throughout the house or going through a dozen towels in one day.


Try out this floating sofa for extra-comfortable lounging when you’re tired of swimming laps or practicing your diving. It can easily fit 1-3 adults (maybe 4 smaller children). You can also find floating bean bags for a different type of comfort. Sink into some comfortable floating furniture and never leave your pool again!

You can also find some accessories for keeping drinks, phones, music, and more close by as well as make pool-size eating or drinking convenient here.

No matter how you use your pool this summer make sure it stays clean and all parts run smoothly with the help of Pool Daddy . We can upgrade your filters or pumps, scrub the tiles, adjust your chemical levels, and more. Weekly maintenance will keep your pool clean and healthy so you can throw a pool party at the last second if you want!

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