Do I Have To Winterize Pool?

Do I have to Winterize Pool?

If you live in Arizona, you probably use your pool every time of the year. Especially if you use it for exercise. If you plan to have your pool available for use this fall and all through winter, you need to winterize your pool.

And we can help you out with that. With limited nights below freezing (or close to it), it’s usually very safe to keep your pool open. As long as you don’t neglect your regular care regimen.

Pool in the winter months

Pools often get a little colder in the winter. While there are ways to heat it up, a lot of pool owners choose not to drain or winterize pool. But don’t use it when the water gets colder. Some do this on the off chance they’ll use it, and some just choose to keep up with the regular routine.

One of the hardest parts of keeping your pool open year-round is maintaining the pH. The pH can increase much quicker when the temperatures drop. Meaning you may have to alter the levels more frequently. And you’re more prone to stains popping up in your pool.

Keeping these levels at their target range will make it much easier to get back into your pool in the Spring. Testing the levels once a week is recommended. Pool Daddy can provide these weekly services for you, just as we do in the Spring and summer!

If you do choose to maintain your pool on your own, having a professional double check every month or so may be beneficial. As the sensitive equipment we use may be harder to come by commercially. We also may notice some trends you are missing, which can cause problems down the line.

Pool Skimming

 Do I Have To Winterize Pool?

Keep stains at bay with regular skimming, brushing, vacuuming, and by keeping your skimmer baskets and filters clean. When this is neglected, stains and algae can run rampant, causing you more problems down the line. Take a little time out of your schedule every week or so to do some cleaning—or hire the professionals and stay warm inside while we do our job.

If you are one of the lucky ones who either have a heating option (or you’re a daredevil and like your pool a little chilly), it’s incredibly important to make sure your pH levels and alkalinity are where they need to be, in order to keep you healthy.

A clean pool is a happy pool, and a clean pool means happy swimmers. Keep an eye on your equipment and chemical balance to ensure you don’t have to have an emergency acid wash this Spring! If you need an acid washing, we can help with that, but you don’t want to feel the need to get it done every year.

Winterize Pool? Call Pool Daddy today to schedule a visit or weekly services!