When a pool is slimy and grimy, it is very unpleasant to swim in that water. When you get in contact with, you may feel like you’re going to contract skin diseases. Which, by the way, is a real possibility in a dirty pool. If you are serious about hygiene and pool cleanliness, you should have heard about Acid washing. It is a part of professional Pool Cleaning services.

In our last blog post, we talked about acid washing in an introductory manner, just focusing on the definition and how it is done. Meanwhile, here we give you more details and importantly: the cost of pool acid wash.

Acid Washing

This removes all traces of algae from improper winterization, neglect, or an algae takeover. What this process does is strip a thin layer of plaster from the pool, exposing fresh and clean surfaces. While acid washing produces a very clean looking pool, having it done too often will lead to a rapid need of re-plastering, so it is not often done every year.

Worried about the cost?

If you are unsure as to what type of clean your pool needs, here’s a tip; if you can see to the bottom of the pool a good chemical and filtering clean should do the trick. Also, if the water is dark enough to where you cannot see the pool floor there is nothing to do besides an acid wash. Because the cost of chemicals and filtering will be higher than the acid cleaning. Acid cleaning is a fairly expensive procedure but it’s well worth it.

The first stages of Acid Washing

Before getting this process done on your pool, contact the city water suppliers to know the proper disposal process of the dirty water and the acid treated water. Your pool cleaning company should know this, but it doesn’t hurt to inform the water board. If you’re lucky, the water company may waive some of the fees of refilling your pool if you give them notice.

Why you need a Professional for Acid Washing Services

While you can perform this type of clean on your own, the high risk and health concerns make it worth it to call a professional. Hiring a company like Pool Daddy will ensure it’s done safely and correctly and the pool will be ready to use the algae and cleaning chemicals are fully removed and neutralized. Technicians will also know the proper disposal procedures to avoid state involvement or harm to the environment.

Of course, it’s best to avoid the need for acid washing your pool. This can be prevented with weekly (or other forms of regular) pool cleaning services provided by Pool Daddy . Let the professionals do the work so you can relax and enjoy your pool. The cost may seem high but it’s better than risking acid exposure or algae-related issues.