Acid Wash: What Does it Mean and How is it Done?

You’ve probably heard other pool owners or a pool servicing company personnel talk about “Acid Wash” or “Acid washing” their pool and you’re wondering, “What does Acid Washing mean?”

Is it draining your pool and scrubbing it with acid? With your bare hands? That will be outrageous.

“Somebody tell me what it means already!?” But you may not want to say that out loud because you are a pool owner too. And it’ll seem shocking that you don’t know what it is.

Thankfully we have the internet. And you have Pooldaddy Arizona . We will tell you what Acid Wash is and what it is all about. And if you decide to go on with it, we have answered 4 more questions about it in a previous blog post.

What is Acid Washing?

Acid Washing involves the removal of calcium deposits and stains from the surface of the pool by removing that thin layer of the pool surface with a mixture of acid and water. The pool is always drained before acid wash can be carried out using special tools. Acid washing is best performed by professionals to avoid mistakes and damages to the washer’s body and the pool surface.

How is Acid Washing done?

Acid cleaning involves Muriatic acid and water mixed (acid added to the water). This necessitates appropriate goggles, masks, and hazmat suits. So it’s best to let the technician do his work while you stay at a safe distance. Muriatic acid is harmful to a lot of living organisms (hence using it for algae removal). And it must be treated before pumped out of the pool. Soda ash is added to the foamy residue after cleaning to make it safer to pumping and to reduce the risk of the film further stripping the pool surface.

For Safety reasons, call a Professional

While you can perform this type of clean on your own, the high risk and health concerns make it worth it to call a professional. Hiring a company like Pool Daddy will ensure it’s done safely and correctly and the pool will be ready to use once the algae and cleaning chemicals are fully removed and neutralized. Technicians will also know the proper disposal procedures to avoid State involvement or harm to the environment.


Here is a video about Acid Washing to digest it all in