Halloween Pool PartyHalloween Pool Party

Fall is the period that you should winterize your pool. Smart people do that. And we have talked about that in previous post. So if you plan on winterizing for just winter, we’d love to give you some ideas on how to use your pool. However, in this blog post, we want to tell you about hosting a Halloween Pool Party.

You want to give your friends and family the Halloween pool party to talk about for years. All with the help of this 2-minute blog post and your pool, hot tub or jacuzzi.

Halloween Pool Party Ideas

If you love Haunted houses, what better way to add some flare than to make your pool look like a foggy swamp (with dry ice or a fog machine)? Or throw in some sea monster decorations or fake corpses? You could even have people jumping in and out of the pool in interesting creepy costumes.

Or you could drain your hot tub and have some fake limbs coming out of the cover. Or have someone pop out while guests are being led past it! The possibilities are endless. In fact, even if you’ve closed your pool or hot tub for the year, you could incorporate many ideas into a haunted house.

If you’re not as fond of the jump scares, gore, and creepy costumes, you could throw a great Halloween Pool Party and invite people to take a dip in your pool or warm up in the Jacuzzi. Be careful with that, however. Someone may want to show up in a full costume and want to take a dip. We’d recommend you inform guests that it’s best if no one wearing a costume or makeup gets in the pool. Put up some Halloween decorations. Get some pumpkin-colored beach balls. Or some spooky pool toys and go nuts.

Clean your Pool first though

Halloween Pool Party

As cool as this could look for Halloween, don’t let it stay green too long! Regular cleaning is a must.

No matter what you do this Halloween, be safe. If you’re involving your pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi, be warned that you may want to have a thorough cleaning after the party to remove any candy wrappers, food debris, costume pieces, and other Halloween related trash, gunk, or junk. We offer weekly services as well as non-scheduled cleaning and maintenance to suit your needs.

We hope you have a wonderful Autumn. If you’re keeping your pool open, don’t neglect it. You may need to do just as much work in the Fall as you do in the Summer. Pool Daddy is here to answer questions and help you keep your pool clean and in the best working condition, it can be in.