September 2018

It’s not too early for Pool Winterization

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Pool  Winterization Winter is coming! Well, Fall is coming first, but it’s never too early to think about pool winterization. We’ve discussed pool winterization before, with a focus on in-ground pools. Today we’ll talk about winterizing the above-ground pool. A lot of people just choose to drain their above-ground pools for the winter, but that

August 2018

Why you absolutely need to Winterize your Pool

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A lot of pool owners live in areas in which the temperatures stay fairly stable year round. Arizona is one of those states where you may not think to winterize your pool. However, it may be in your best interest to shut it down and winterize it for the offseason. Below we’ll talk about some

Pool Resurfacing Services in Arizona

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Every now and then a pool may need to be resurfaced, tiles replaced, and other related services may be needed. It’s pretty easy to tell when tiles need to be replaced—they start falling off. Tiles can last a while due to the acid washing process but the rest of the pool can start cracking or

Vinyl Pool: Pros and Cons

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When someone says they have a vinyl liner for their pool it just means the interior surface is vinyl that is colorized chlorinated PVC thermoplastic vinyl. This is used as the waterproofing layer in different pool construction options. European, Canadian, and New Zealand pools are more often vinyl than any other type, but in the

Concrete Pools: Pros and Cons

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While they are very common, concrete pools do have their perks and downsides. For more information about different pool types, check out this site. Pros #1 Durability and Strength Concrete and fiberglass have similar durability and higher durability than vinyl liners. It’s harder to cause damage to the concrete walls. Some pools can last up

What are your Hot Tub plans this Summer?

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Summer is here, officially, and that means some people turn away from their hot tubs, leaving them empty or at least covered and powered off. Don't do that to your lovely hot tub! You can still use it this summer. Summer Hot Tub in Arizona The great thing about Arizona summer is it still gets

Above Ground Owners: Tips and Maintenance for you

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A few weeks ago we talked about above ground pool versus in-ground pools. So today we’ll talk a little more specifically about caring for an above-ground unit. Above Ground Pool Tips and Maintenance Quality is important Thicker liners, heavy-duty covers, and high-quality equipment can keep your maintenance costs and efforts lower. Not using a decent

Should I Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

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Fiberglass is a popular option for pool surfaces, so if you’re considering building a pool in the near future you may want to keep reading. Generally, fiberglass pools require less cleaning than other surfaces. The fiberglass is smoother than other surfaces, causing less debris and algae to stick to the walls. Because of the type