July 2018

10 Vital Things Most Swimming Pool Owners Don’t Know

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Swimming Pool Owner Whether you’re a seasoned swimming pool owner or a first-timer there are some things you should know. Lesser pool companies don’t care what you know and will use that to their advantage; but not Pool Daddy! We want you to know as much as you can about your pool for it to

6 Things to consider when cleaning your Hot Tub

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Cleaning your Hot Tub A hot tub is nice year-round. Especially on cool desert nights! Just like a pool, hot tub needs to be properly cleaned and maintained for maximum efficiency and comfort. Luckily, cleaning a spa or tub doesn’t require using as much water as a pool. Filling a spa after a cleaning might

June 2018

Inground Vinyl Liner Pools Problems and Solutions

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Vinyl liner pools have been around for quite some time. And in that time span, they’ve become more durable than what we were used to in the 1980s. But this doesn’t mean we don’t still experience inground pool liner problems. Although vinyl liner pools are estimated by experts to last 10 – 12 year, during

Sand Filter Problems: Repair, Troubleshoot, Tips, Maintenance

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One of the benefits of using sand pool filters instead of the other two pool filter types is that you have little to do when it comes to maintenance. Maintaining your sand pool filter, according to the expert recommendation, should be done once every 5 years. Unlike Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Pool filters that should be

Commercial Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Arizona

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Many homes in Arizona are equipped with beautiful pools and hot tubs, but many residents rely on commercial pools, community pools, therapy pools, and gym swimming and recreation areas to get their swimming, soaking, and water exercising fix. This week we'll discuss why it's important to have regular maintenance performed on your commercial pool or

7 Fun Pool Accessories fit for this Summer

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Welcome to June! In preparation for summer and all the fun it comes with, we are going to share with you some amazing ideas of additions you can make to your pool to enjoy it better this summer. Pool Accessories Fit for Summer #1 ACTION Believe it or not, a rock climbing wall for the

May 2018

5 Reasons why you should invest in a Pool

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Are you seriously considering investing in  pool for your home? I must say, that's some good thinking there. You've come. To the  right place if you need reasons to get a swimming pool for your home. Swimming pools don't just provide a place for you to dip yourselves in - even that will be a

8 Cool Ways to Bring Energy and Life To your pool

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A couple of weeks back, we talked about some innovative and fun ways to upgrade your pool, today we bring you even more. Swimming pools are cool to have, you can make yours extra cool with glow in the dark backlighting, mosaic tile patterns, waterfalls, fun shapes, excellent use of lighting and more. Just keep

Information pool companies don’t want you to know

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Are you thinking of getting a swimming pool installed in your home? How long have you been thinking about it? As a swimming pool owner myself, I can say you're pretty much wasting your time. Yes, you are. Do you know the ton of fun benefits that come with having one? Trust me there are

How to Properly Clean and maintain Your Hot Tub

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As you can tell from the title of this article, we're going to deviate, a little, to talk about hot tubs. They are just small versions of pools but were not going to argue that they provide the same use. Like pools, your hot tubs require regular care and attention. And unlike pools, they're easily