October 2018

5 Reasons to get your Hot Tub & Jacuzzi running this week

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We are at the end of October. This means winter begins tomorrow. So we want to talk about heat: Your hot tubs and Jacuzzi. Because the months you're going to be using them a lot are right around the corner. They're a great way to unwind and you can use them year round! We're going to

The Best Halloween Pool Party Ideas

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Halloween Pool Party Fall is the period that you should winterize your pool. Smart people do that. And we have talked about that in previous post. So if you plan on winterizing for just winter, we’d love to give you some ideas on how to use your pool. However, in this blog post, we want to

You Absolutely Need to Winterize your Pool this Week

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Do I have to Winterize Pool? If you live in Arizona, you probably use your pool every time of the year. Especially if you use it for exercise. If you plan to have your pool available for use this fall and all through winter, you need to winterize your pool. And we can help you

9 Ways to Avoid the Green Pool Problem

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As cool as this could look for Halloween, don't let it stay green too long! Regular cleaning is a must. Green pool problems are common problems. You didn't spend that huge amount of money on pool installation only to have a pond. Green pool Absolutely no one wants to swim in a green

Complete Pool Services for Indoor Pool Owners

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Who doesn’t love a dip in a heated pool at a gym, hotel, or health club? Pools are great year round, but sometimes it gets a little too cold to swim in outdoor, non-heated pools. If you are a lucky owner of an indoor pool, this post is for you! If you’re not (yet) the

Safety Pool Cover care and Maintenance Tips

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Safety Pool Cover care and Maintenance Tips Being the great pool investment that your pool cover is, you want to make sure your pool cover has a long and very fulfilling life. Consider the primary purpose for your safety pool cover, ensuring its integrity stays the same throughout the years, should be permanent. The best

Pool Safety Covers: All You Need To Know

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Pool Safety Covers: All You Need To Know Swimming pools are great and a constant source of joy, entertainment, and relaxation. Overall a very good investment. However, they can also be a source of pain. As sad as it is to say, children are usually involved in many of the pool accidents that occur. The

In-ground Pool Slides: Installation, Information and Design Ideas

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In-ground Pool Slides: Installation, Information and Design Ideas How do you feel with your pool? You love it, don't you? You and your family has had tons of fun with it sure enough. But you want more. You want to spice things further on a whole new level. In-ground pool slides will give that to

September 2018

Pool Maintenance Services in the Phoenix Metro Area

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Welcome to Pool Daddy, your solution to all of your pool maintenance needs in the Phoenix Metro area.  Some companies only offer cleaning, some only do repairs. And some will overcharge you. At Pool Daddy, we do nearly anything related to pools. And we won’t charge your first born child. Today we’ll talk about some

9 Tips to Make your Pool Come Alive

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Pools are a great way to stay cool and spend time outside. But there are some simple (and some more complex) ways to make a pool more exciting, pleasant to look at, and fun! Today we’ll talk about a few ways to make your pool come alive. Make Your Pool Come Alive with these 9 Tips