December 2018

Hot Tub Cleaning: Get Rid of Annoying Grime today

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A hot tub is one of the best investments you can make in your home when it comes to relaxation. A home is where you come to unwind, relax and recharge to conquer your next day. You can only get a small percentage of the full potential your home can give you in relaxation if

Types of Pool Repair and when to call a Technician

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You think you know a repair when you see one, right? Well, that is probably true. But there are a lot of types of damage that can happen to all types of pools. Some repairs you might not even know you need. Things that affect the way the pool looks can be obvious, such as

Time for Pool Winterization 2018!

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Winter is officially here! It’s time to winterize the pool. You may be thinking “but it’s so warm out, I can use my pool year round!” but unless you plan on using the pool and cleaning it regularly, you may want to consider winterization to save time, effort, and money during the season you probably

November 2018

Above Ground Hot Tub Vs. In Ground Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are great for cold nights. If you use it regularly, otherwise consider winterization. And they’re also very soothing and relaxing year-round. If you’re considering installing a hot tub at any time, especially with winter rolling in, read further and decide which type is best for you. Above Ground Hot Tub The initial cost

Pool Lights: What you need to know to avoid problems

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Pool Lights: Repairs and Checks Whether you’re installing some brand new lights or you’ve just installed a pool and you need lights in general, there are specific steps to follow and some warnings. Today we’ll discuss pool lights installation, replacement, and checking. WARNING: Before working on pool lights, regardless of the water level, turn off

Do you know how to maintain your Saltwater Pool?

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Saltwater Pool Maintenance Saltwater pool has grown in popularity for many reasons, mostly health-based benefits and the fact that not a lot of people like the smell or feel of chlorine on their skin. Today we’ll talk a little about the care of the saltwater pool. If you’re debating about going with chlorine or salt

Hot Tubs: Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services in Phoenix

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One major way to spice up the general comfort of your home is to own a hot tub. Most Americans know this. And for some, it's like a milestone in building a home. Hot tub: check. Hot tubs are amazing for melting away stress and fatigue. In a bustling society like ours, you absolutely would

Thanksgiving Celebration: Are you thinking what we are thinking?

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching—as seen by stores setting up Christmas decorations and displays already. If you are thinking what we are thinking it means you are considering throwing a pool party! This solves your problem of trying to decide what to do differently this year Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Pool Party It sounds insane for most of

Acid Washing: Are you worried about the cost?

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We all love to take a dip in the pool on a very hot day. But we don't like to swim in water that feels like saliva on our skins. Or a special very clear swamp water. We want our pool water to be very clean and feel refreshing on our skins. So when pools

Pool Tile: Best Repair, Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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Pool tile helps pools look new, clean, pretty, and customized. Tiles falling into disrepair can cause problems both visually and functionally. Whether it’s the tiles cracking or a deeper problem, Pool Daddy is here to help. Pool Tile Repair Services The biggest problems in tile repair come from pools in locations where the water has