March 2019

Pool Cleaners | 5 Tips to Hire Pool Cleaners and Have Zero Regrets

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Pool cleaners service's from Pool Daddy will always be done correctly the first time and we pride ourselves on honesty and conduct business with integrity. There are things some pool companies do that we would like to warn you about. Here are 5 ways you can avoid making mistakes when hiring a Pool Cleaner 1.

Pool Covers | Know Your Options Before Paying

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Besides that they are a safe way to keep your pools if you are not using it for a long period of time, Pool Covers can serve you in so many ways. You may have one of such uses for pool covers. Now you want to buy one, which will you get? Making a smart choice

6 Amazing Ways to Have Fun With Your Pool this Spring

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Spring for the year 2019 is finally here. If you haven't dewinterized your pool, you should. After dewinterizing your pool, there are few things you would be thinking about. If you are going to use your pool this spring, might as well have fun doing it. If your pool wasn’t closed for fall/winter, then it might

5 Reasons the Bistro Lighting for your Pool is a Bad Idea

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5 Reasons the Bistro Lighting for your pool is a Bad Idea Pools are so much fun. You could party or just swim with friends.  Swimming on a warm night is also terrific. Probably you're worried about lighting, of course, no one wants to swim in the dark. It isn't safe and it's a little

Safety in the Pool – How to Keep your Pool, Jacuzzi or Hot Tub Safe

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Inasmuch as you're having amazing fun with your pools, jacuzzi, and hot tub, you can't afford to push safety concerns to the side. Especially when you have children around and/or own pets. How can you keep your pools, jacuzzi, and hot tub safe so that you only have fun with them and they don't become

February 2019

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

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Cost of an Inground Pool Who wouldn’t like a pool? They’re beautiful and calming. You may want one too, you have some money saved up, but you don’t know which pool you can afford. Let’s help you by giving a breakdown of different kind of pools and how much they cost. Pools could be concrete,

7 Awesome Pool Accessories You Can Afford

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7 Awesome Pool Accessories You Can Afford It does feel great to have extra money, doesn’t it? Think about it: you want to embark on a project. For example, a building project. You want to be responsible and budget conscious, so you pass up on a few of your wants. Then you realize after the

What a Certified Pool Cleaning Company Can Do For You

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Owning a pool is more value to your real estate. Also, for you, it is a great way to relax, have fun and unwind. However, there are situations when your pool will need the attention of a pool service company. Such as when your pool needs some cleaning. Swimming pool This is why

Pool Services – Pool Daddy Pool Services in Arizona

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After installing your pool, and you are settling into enjoying it, you would notice you aren't really done with the Pool Companies with time. Once in a while, you would have a reason to call your Pool Company for help. It might be that your pool or other pool accessories require some maintenance or replacement.

Pool Heaters: Your Options and How They Work

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Pool Heaters: Your Options and How They Work You probably don't want to stop using your pool just because it is cold outside. So you are thinking of getting a Pool Heater to heat the water warm enough for a relaxing swim. There are several options out of there for you the pool heater potential