Being the great pool investment that your pool cover is, you want to make sure your pool cover has a long and very fulfilling life. Consider the primary purpose for your safety pool cover, ensuring its integrity stays the same throughout the years, should be permanent. The best and the only way you can achieve this is to care and regularly maintain your pool cover.

Professional Safety Pool Cover Maintenance Tips

However, the way to care for one pool cover type although similar in some aspects is different from the way you’d care for the other pool type. The way you will care for a solid pool cover will be different – but not so much – from the way you’d care for an automatic pool cover.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Automatic Pool Cover

  • Examine the pool tracks regularly for debris. Debris on the tracks can stop your cover from deploying and opening completely.
  • Open the cover whenever you add chemicals to the pool. This ensures that the gas generated from adding chemicals escape and doesn’t react with the cover.
  • Keep the pool cover free from leaves, twigs, and debris. Their presence on the cover poses a threat to the cover.
  • Don’t let puddles of water form on the surface of the cover. These puddles risk your health and safety.
  • Clean your automatic pool covers at least once every month. This will keep your cover looking new and free of unhealthy residue.
  • Inspect the pool track and housing, making sure to clean the motor housing once every 12 months.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Solid Pool Covers

  • Ensure your pool water line is not low. The water gives your pool cover some support against debris.
  • Clean / wash your pool cover once a month. With continued use, dust debris grime and in time mildew will settle on the cover, washing the cover rids it free from such accumulation.
  • Check your pool cover regularly for tears and holes. Those holes and tears lower the integrity of your pool cover making it unsafe for use. Water can leak to the surface of the cover creating puddles if stagnant water – breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other harmful organisms. Moreover, these tears also weaken the pool making it unsafe for kids to get on it.
  • Patch kids are on sale, use them to repair tears and seal holes on your pool cover. These substances are strong enough to restore the integrity of your cover.
  • Leave your pool cover open after treating your pool. This will prevent your cover from taking damage.
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Pool cover care and maintenance

Care and Maintenance Tips for Mesh Pool Covers

  • Since mesh pool covers are easily the lightest pool covers, they can year fairly easily. Check your mesh cover frequently for rips and tears.
  • Don’t allow large amounts of snow to snow or debris to settle on a mesh pool cover. Moreso if the water level is low. The strain on the cover will make a dent on its lifespan.
  • Periodically clean / wash the cover with bleach to get rid of dirt and other residues that are stuck between the fibers of the mesh.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Solar Pool Cover

  • When cleaning solar pool cover, base and scrub gently – the dirt and accumulation with a soft brush. Dirt on the surface will lower the productivity of the solar cover.
  • Clean the solar cover before storing it away.
  • When your cover is not in use, remove it from sunlight.

There’s one thing all these pool cover types have in common; they’re to be cleaned and washed periodically. Ensure you care for your pool safety covers and it will serve you a long time.