How to Care for Your Swimming Pool Cover

As we’ve previously discussed in previous editions, pools are excellent investments – not just for you, but your entire family. Like all investments, they need protection. If your pool is to serve you properly, it required protection from the elements. Your pools need storage be shielded from rain – rain will unsettle the chemical balance -, dust and disease pathogens that float in the air. Pool covers offer that sort of protection.

In shielding your pool, the pool covers accumulate grime and dust. It’s is wrong to encourage this build up till its visible to the eye. Shielding a pool you soak in from time to time with such a cover makes for an unappealing sight.

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If you’re yet to install a pool cover, contact your contractor to discuss the installation of a cover for your pool.

How to Care for Your Pool Cover

Keep Treatment Chemicals Way from the Covers

Chemically treating your pool is routine is a maintenance procedure. A procedure that keeps your pool clean, safe and healthy. However, these chemicals are meant for the water in your pool, not the covers. If these chemicals make contact with the pool covers, they may corrode and damage the covers. To prevent this, leave your pool uncovered after adding the chemicals. This ensures the chemicals have enough time to dissolve in the water. Skipping this part lets the chemicals sit on the water and eventually evaporate to the covers.

Wash it Frequently

Based on what was said earlier, you have to wash your pool covers frequently, at least once in three months. Letting dirt on the covers stay for longer periods will pollute your pool making it potentially unhealthy for use. Wash the covers with mild dish soap and a pool brush. Make sure to use a lot of disinfectants to eliminate all pathogens. Bleach is so an excellent option. The minimize the regrowth of mildew or other microorganisms, ensure the cover is totally dry before putting it away for storage.

Don’t let Debris Sit on Your Cover

When your covers are in use, water from heavy rainfalls, snow, fallen branches or debris of any kind sit on the covers. Situations are made worse if the water level is not high enough to support the weight of the debris from beneath. The strain exerted by the debris on your pool covers will eventually damage it. Ensuring the water level stays high enough to support the weight of debris, water or snow in your absence.

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