Commercial Pool Maintenance and Services

Dust rolling in towards the swimming pool on a stormy Phoenix summer evening.

Commercial Pool Maintenance and Services

Many homes in Arizona are equipped with beautiful pools and hot tubs, but many residents rely on commercial pools, community pools, therapy pools, and gym swimming and recreation areas to get their swimming, soaking, and water exercising fix. This week we’ll discuss why it’s important to have regular maintenance performed on your commercial pool or public pool.

If people are paying to use your pool, you need to keep it clean and in working order. A pool which does not have all of the elements working properly can lead to health concerns, hazards, and other costly problems. With many daily users, proper cleaning becomes vital and it can be more time consuming than cleaning a residential pool. Having your pool regularly cleaned and your equipment checked will keep your guests safe and your elements (heater, pumps, filters, etc.) working properly, prolonging their lifetime.

Pools are a great way to improve the value of a rental property (if there is a community pool or complex pool) so, keeping it open as long as possible during the year is beneficial to tenant happiness and rent costs. Keeping your pool in great working order will keep tenants happier and more eager to pay a little more to be able to access the pool. This can also work for hotels and gyms.

Water is a great tool to aid exercise. The resistance water provides is great for aerobic activities, muscle development, relaxation, and physical therapy. Hot tubs or other related hot-water elements are great for physical therapy and relaxation. Having these is a great way to help out patients in a hospital or care facility and it’s a great addition to a gym.

Public or community pools (like at recreation or senior centers) are a great way to keep kids out of trouble and provide safe fun for families. Opening the pool and closing it at the appropriate times of the year will help keep everything running smoothly and regular maintenance will decrease the work needed to open and close it every year.

Hiring a professional pool cleaning and maintenance company is a great way to ensure everything is running smoothly. Hiring a maintenance crew for general work at any facility is helpful, but unless they have training dealing with pools, hot tubs, spas, and Jacuzzis, they may not be able to properly backwash filters, check for cracks, or service the heaters and pumps. Hiring regular professionals to work on your pool is the best way to protect your investment so your guests can enjoy it for years to come. We offer pool opening and closing services, emergency services, and weekly pool cleaning and maintenance. Call today to schedule a visit.

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