Green Pool? Here’s Why And How To Fix it!

Green Pool ? Here’s Why And How To Fix it!

Green Pool in ScottsdaleAny time you suspect there’s a problem with your pool (functions, filtration, aesthetics, and more) you can always call Pool Daddy and we’ll come take a look. Green pools are a common problem and should always be taken care of quickly. Today we’ll talk about how this happens, how you can prevent it, and how it can be fixed once it happens.

Causes: It’s common to open up your pool in the Spring only to find a gross green pool ! Algae is the culprit here, so do not get in the pool until the problem is addressed. Algae loves warm water, especially if it’s still. If your pool is left still for too long (with little water circulation through the filters) it’s likely to get green due to bacteria and algae.

Improper pH balance, clogged filter and weather are all factors to consider as causes of green pool. Improper pH balance leads to the algae and bacteria being able to thrive. Clogged filters keep the culprits from being properly removed (even with good pH levels) and warm water is a breeding ground for gross things.

Treatment: One method of fixing a green pool is a shock treatment. After the sun begins to set (to avoid excess sun exposure which can ruin the treatment), fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and add a bag of shock. Add it to the pool and keep the filter and pump running. Light green pools often needs 2 pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water in the pool. Green to dark green water requires 3 pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Dark green/black water (think “lagoon”) requires 4 pounds of shock per 10,000 gallons of water. Cloudy blue water is the goal after the shock treatment. Blue or white water means the treatment is working and it will turn gray when all of the algae is dead. Keeping the filter and pump on continuously will remove the dead algae and return the pool to the normal color. Consider checking your filters before starting this treatment (And probably getting them cleaned afterwards).

It is possible to reverse the green effects with regular and thorough cleaning, but the most effective method is the shock treatment.

Green PoolAvoiding the Green Pool Mess: Regular maintenance is the best way to battle green pools. Having the bottom of the pool vacuumed, scrubbing/vacuuming the walls, skimming the surface, cleaning/checking/replacing the filters regularly, and checking the pH and chlorine levels are all ways to prevent green pools (and even fix minor levels of green-pool-syndrome). Pool Daddy will help you set up weekly (or monthly) pool services to make sure all systems are working in harmony to prevent your pool from growing colonies of algae and bacteria. Proper winterization can also prevent the green algae, but even proper winterized pools are at risk.

If you suspect your pool is becoming infested with algae, contact us and we’ll check it out to keep your pool clean and your family swimming in clear beautiful water.

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