How Can You Go Green With Your Pool this Year?

In-ground Swimming Pool Near Palm Trees

Green. That’s the direction a lot of people are headed these days. Should you or shouldn’t you join them?

I say you join them. You can go green with a lot of things but we’re not talking about that. Our business is with pools . You can go green with the design of your pool .

As you can tell, there’s already a lot of strain on the Earth, we can make it easier for her. We can do that with the way we design and maintain our pools.

Read on to find out the top trends in Eco-friendly pool designs. If you already own a pool and want to switch things or kick it up a notch, you will find these trends exciting.

Natural Pool Design

A natural pool possesses the qualities of a natural pond or lake. This design is perfect for people who want a pool but also want to keep it green. If you want to combine the serenity, freshness of a lake with your need for a swimming pool , this design is for you. Natural pools are easy to maintain. They don’t require the chemical treatments traditional swimming pools do. They are less expensive than their traditional counterparts since they require gravel and clay for construction .

These pools feature sloping sides and a portion totally dedicated to aquatic plant life. What’s amazing about a natural pool is its self-regulating ecosystem. Maintaining a natural pool requires little effort on your part. Owing to its self-regulating ecosystem, you don’t have to monitor pH and chemical levels.

Ozone Treatment Systems

By utilizing mineral purifiers and ozonates, ozone water treatment systems keep the water clean, healthy and safe. Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen. It’s sometimes referred to as tri-atomic oxygen (O3). A compound which is very effective in killing germs, bacteria and disease pathogens. Studies have shown that Ozone Water Treatment Systems reduce the need for chemicals by 80%. Unlike chlorine-based chemicals, Ozone doesn’t irritate, tarnish, have adverse health effects or leave byproducts in your pool. The result is the much needed and valuable oxygen. Besides, the ozone layer of the is in constant depletion, using this treatment system is a service to our  Planet Earth.

Moss Filtered Water Treatment Systems

These systems are capable of depleting bacteria your pool water is playing host to. With a moss filtered treatment system, your dependence on chemicals is lowered by 40%. As with natural pools, moss filtered systems lowers the need for chlorine-based chemicals that will cause irritation and health complications.

An eco-friendly pool is not just healthy for the Earth, it’s healthy and safe for your family. It also reduces the chances of health problems associated with long-term use of their traditional counterparts.

Interested in any of these trends? Talk with your pool contractor about swapping the old for these new trends.