In-ground Pool Slides: Installation , Information and Design Ideas

How do you feel with your pool ? You love it, don’t you? You and your family has had tons of fun with it sure enough. But you want more. You want to spice things further on a whole new level. In-ground pool slides will give that to you. The time where pool slides were just for resorts has passed, you can have one now for yourself whatever the kind; there are of course many kinds to choose from.

In this article you’re going to see the different types of pool slides, you’ll also see how you can install one for yourself and as a bonus some safety rules. Strap on and let the fun ride begin!

Pool slides

Pool slides multiply the fun tenfold

Types of Pool Slides

1. Straight Leg Slide

This pool slide comes with a stairway that can either be open or closed. The open stairway type is best for you if young children are at home – this is important for their safety. The open stairway, on the other hand, is great for when you have older kids and adults using the pool. The most noticeable feature of the slide is that it is straight at the top, but as it gets lower it tubes widely at a point before you drop into the pool. You can determine the height of the slide depending on your preference.

2. Molded  Slide Leg

The molded slide leg is most often steeper with more curves in their design. Towards the end of the slide, there’s usually a curve either to the left or to the right this makes it more fun. It’s quite similar to the straight leg slide in that you can determine if it gets high or shirt. That’s totally up to you. It usually has a closet stairway to keep young kids from using it without adult supervision.

3. Elephant Leg Slide

This slide basically has two types that both promise unbelievable fun. They are the G-force pattern and the stream design. The G-force pattern is a very curvy slide that can resemble macaroni. It can reach up to a height of 9ft. The stream design can best be described as a molded slide leg with a far steeper drop at the top.  Standing at a height of 14ft, it is large in size.

4. Inflatable Pool Slides

These types of slides are cheap as compared to other slides. They are easy to use and quick to mount. They can also be moved and this can be convenient if you have an above – ground pool. Some inflatable pool slides can also be used without a pool, some even come with their own pools.

How To Install In-ground pool Slide

Installing a pool slide is a very delicate business. You have to ensure you keep and follow instructions. If not installed and secured up to code, the while slide becomes a safety hazard for anyone who uses. You may find that you’ll need assistance I’m moving some heavy parts,  have someone close by to assist you.

Step1: Find Out What The Law Says

The law regarding the installation of pool slides may vary with location. You need to make to make sure you are allowed to install pool slides. Depending on your location you may need permits. Confirm you are allowed for this before rushing off to buy one.

Step 2: Determine a Suitable Site for the Slide

The slide should sit on a plain flat acre of land. The site should also have plenty of clearance. Determine how much space you have and compare it to space the slide needs. If you have plenty of space next to your pool then go for it.

Step 3: Choosing The Slide

This is very important. When you choose a slide, you want to keep in mind who will use it, how tall you want it to be and how deep your pool is. It’ll be quite dangerous to get a steep slide if your pool isn’t deep enough.

Step 4: Build the Slide

When building and assembling, you have to pay the utmost attention to everything you do. Ensure all screws so in the right places and make sure it is secured and firm. If your slide comes with its manufacturer’s guide, read beforehand twice. Ensure you understand the instructions before setting out to assemble it.

Step 5: Install your Slide

You need the assistance of people for this. Moving the slide you just built is an impossible task for one person. You can get injured. Invite your friends to assist you. You don’t have to rush, take it bit by bit ensuring it stands firmly in place next to your pool.

Some Safety Rules

I can’t emphasize the intense enjoyment you’ll get from your pool slide. Your pool slide will serve you, your family and friends when you adhere to these safety rules:

  • There must be adult supervision whenever kids use the slide.
  • One person on the slide at a time.
  • Roughhousing on the slide is forbidden.
  • Before use ensure the water lubrication is powered on.
  • Do not use the pool slide as a diving platform.

Pool slides have the potential for great fun as well as the potential for inflicting crippling injuries. It all depends on the attitude of the owner and the user’s attitude toward safety. Caution is required when installing one,  caution is also required when you use it. With the ownership of a pool slide comes with a great responsibility. Be responsible and your family, friends, and acquaintances will use the slide for years without incidence.