Holiday Pool Style: Unwind With A Hot Tub

Holiday Pool

This time next week we’ll be eating Thanksgiving leftovers, still fighting crowds for Thanksgiving Weekend sale prices, or recovering from Black Friday shopping. Unwind the best way possible with your hot tub , indoor pool, or Jacuzzi . From the infinity pools to your basic above ground Jacuzzi, warm or hot water can be the best way to relax after holiday stress. Keep your water-based-stress-saver running smoothly with our help! Regular cleaning, checks, and maintenance will help keep your hot tub working from now until New Year’s (and beyond).

To encourage you to keep your hot tub or Jacuzzi (or even a heated pool) through Winter, we’d like to remind you of just how much better your life can be when these units are working.

  1. Stress Management: Exercise is a great way to manage stress, so if your pool is still open you may want to consider going for a swim before or after spending hours in the kitchen making a meal or after you spend hours shopping for the best Christmas presents. Hot tubs are great to loosen up those tense muscles and calm your nerves from the in-laws or screaming kids at the mall.
  2. Stay fit: If your pool is still open (and comfortable enough to swim in during these cooler months) you may want to keep up with your swimming regiment during the holidays! We all know we’re prone to overeating and eating comfort foods, sweets, snacks, and more at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Don’t let yourself fall out of shape, use your pool to your advantage if you haven’t closed it for the season.
  3. Easy Entertainment: While the kids are playing with their new toys or their friends and cousins, some of the adults could easily slip away to the hot tub and have a glass of punch and share some stories that are less-than-fit around certain family members. Or, you can share great memories while letting the water jets and bubbles relax you all, making great memories.

No matter what you do this Thanksgiving (and Christmas) holiday, don’t let your pool or hot tub fall into disrepair. If you neglect these investments, you’ll be paying much more in the future to have them repaired. Keep up with your maintenance effortlessly by scheduling weekly (or other regular) maintenance with your favorite pool company, Pool Daddy ! We’d love to help take that stress of “did I clean my pool this week?” or “I that a leak in my Jacuzzi?” off of your shoulders this holiday season. Give us a call or check out our Contact Us page to talk about any question, comments, or concerns you have about your pool, hot tub, Jacuzzi, or other water feature you may have on your property.

Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your holiday pool style everyone.

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