Hot Tub Magic for Valentine’s Day

Hot Tub Magic for Valentine’s Day

If you have a hot tub , spa, Jacuzzi , or anything of that nature, now’s the time to have an excuse to use it as your wingman (or wingwoman)! If you want to wow that special someone, use your hot tub to its full potential! This week we’ll talk about ways to turn your partner’s head with how romantic you can be with the hot tub you already own!

    1. Change the lights: Whether you have outdoor lights near the hot tub or you can change the lights in the hot tub with relative ease, consider using a red or pink bulb or filter to give the hot tub a special romantic feel. You can also add faerie lights or other light sources around the hot tub for added effect.
    2. Hot Tub Trays: Spent a little money and invest in something like a spa caddy or a floating tray. If you’re using the floating tray, consider loading it up with delicious things that are best served warm, but if you’re using a tray that attaches to the side of your spa your options are endless. Set up some wine or champagne, or set out his favorite beer with a delicate snack, or set up a stereo playing your favorite songs as a couple. Keep the romance close by so you can stay in the hot tub instead of getting out for a refill!
    3. Rose Petals: Lead her to the hot tub with a trail of rose petals to the hot tub where you’ve sprinkled a few petals (preferably fake) or some floating red, white, and pink items.
    4. Candles: Provides there’s enough ledge space (or nearby tables), consider lighting a few candles, especially scents like flowers or vanilla! Not only will they provide beautiful ambient light but they’ll smell amazing.
    5. Light show: Invest in a little gadget like this to make a quiet night more like a party! Have a double date in your hot tub with some wine, sparkling cider, champagne, or even beer. If you and your partner just want something a little more exciting than a basic hot tub with boring lights, surprise them with something snazzy like this.
  1. Bathing suits, towels, and other items: Surprise her with matching pool towels with hearts or embroidered with initials, or buy the two of you matching swim suits for the occasion. Lead them to the spa where you’ve placed new lounge pillows or padding to relax them after a long day of cooking, working, or shopping.
  2. Be there: Don’t just relax away silently, listen to your partner while you both let the jets soothe your aches and pains away. Relax into each other’s arms, sipping on champagne and giving each other massages. Even if you’re mad at the other person, don’t let it interfere with romantic hot tub time. Isn’t that why you installed it in the first place?

If you’re looking to use your hot tub to its full potential, contact us and we’ll make sure it’s in working order and get it clean and ready to go for your big date night. Never neglect your hot tub and remember that it can be a great way to unwind after a dinner or relax the body in preparation for that big night out you have planned.

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