One major way to spice up the general comfort of your home is to own a hot tub . Most Americans know this. And for some, it’s like a milestone in building a home. Hot tub : check. Hot tubs are amazing for melting away stress and fatigue. In a bustling society like ours, you absolutely would love one.

Hot Tubs Common RepairHot Tubs

Hot tubs are wonderful ways to relax after a long day or spend a weekend evening with your significant other. Along with our weekly pool cleaning services, we also offer repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of hot tubs. Today we’ll discuss a few of the problems hot tubs can demonstrate and the parts involved.

1. Nothing will turn on!

This could be a fuse, switch, or something in the wiring. Most of these issues require high levels of electrical training to avoid injury. Never attempt to do this on your own.

2. The temperature is all wrong!

This can be caused by problems with a switch or relay, a filter cartridge, thermostat, or the heating element. Whether your hot tub won’t heat up or it gets dangerously hot we have the tools to fix these problems.

3. The Pumps aren’t working correctly!

This can relate to any number of switches, relays, and motors but it can also be the time clock or thermostat. Like with cars, this can be caused by a very small problem with cheap parts or it can mean a lot more labor intensive work. Don’t let a little lost pressure or increased pressure lead to major safety issues. Contact us the moment you feel something is amiss.

4. Lights issues

This can be a switch, transformer, fuse, or just the lamp. These shouldn’t affect the effectiveness of the hot tubs but should be checked on in case there’s a larger issue.

5. Burnt wires or melted insulation

This is likely issues with the terminal connections. Do not let these issues go unchecked.

Hot Tubs6. Leaks, cracks, and pump issues

These are fairly common issues and can lead to a waste of water and an ineffective hot tub. Leaks may be something simple like seals, valves, or pipes but it can also be bigger issues like the heater manifold or something in the jets. A small leak can lead to bigger leaks, cracks, and leakage into the electrical components.

One major difference between hot tubs and pools is the electricity. Hot tubs have large numbers of chords, fuses, and electrical components in a small space and any problem should be addressed as soon as possible.

If you feel there may be a problem regarding the electrical system of your hot tubs, drain the water if possible and remove it from the power source. This will reduce the risk of short-circuiting or damage to people and property. Call Pool Daddy immediately to schedule a visit.

If you are taking advantage of our weekly pool services you can ask about hot tub weekly or monthly service as well. We will check for cracks and possible future issues. We can’t predict everything but we may catch something before you do.