Swimming Pool For Fall Preparation? Swimming Pool For Fall?

We’re in the last half of summer, so it might be time to start discussing fall preparations for your swimming pool . While some owners can keep their pool operating throughout the year, but there are a few things you want to keep in mind throughout the end of summer and through fall. Today we’ll talk about some things you may want to consider this season change.

-Early winterization: If you don’t plan on using your swimming pool or hot tub one school starts back because your kids are the main ones using it, getting a jump start on winterization may be a good idea. If it would go otherwise unused, keeping all of the pumps and filters running when the pool isn’t used but once or twice throughout the entire autumn, it may not be worth it. Contact us if you want to winterize your pool because it can be a pain to get every detail correct to prevent damage to your covers or pool itself.

  • Increase skimming: depending on the trees, bushes, and plants in your area, you may experience an increase in debris in your pool.
  • Chemicals: If the temperature drops as noticeable amount it may affect your chemical balancing. Lowered temperatures will mean you need less chlorine to keep the levels at a functioning point. You should still check it weekly, more so if the temperature drops or rises suddenly.
  • If the temperatures drop enough you may be able to decrease the amount of time you run your pumps. Let us know if you feel as if you can alter the time your pump runs and we’ll check it out.
  • Don’t ignore a cleaning schedule. It’s easy to forget to clean your swimming pool, including scrubbing the walls, checking the filters, emptying the baskets, and using a pool vacuum. Especially as your use decreases; if you go from using it daily to only using it on weekends you may lose track of time and when you last cleaned the pool. This is where weekly cleaning comes in handy.

Ask our technicians or a swimming pool specialist about any chemicals you may want to add in your slightly-off season. Some things you may want to consider or adjust may be minor, others may take a little more work, so call today and ask about seasonal changes you need to keep in mind for your swimming pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi.

Whatever you do at the end of this summer, stay safe, consult your swimming pool technicians, and have fun. Don’t let cooler weather ruin your fun because you can still use your pool, especially in such warm a warm climate like that found in Arizona. We get so much sunshine, many swimming pool owners keep their pool open year round—with the help of our employees at Pool Daddy.

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