Fiberglass Pool Is For Me? Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?

Fiberglass is a popular option for pool surfaces, so if you’re considering building a pool in the near future you may want to keep reading.

Generally, fiberglass pools require less cleaning than other surfaces. The fiberglass is smoother than other surfaces, causing less debris and algae to stick to the walls. Because of the type of material it tends to be the most expensive option for pool surfaces, but the overall quality and care makes it worth it.

Shapes, Sizes, and More:

Fiberglass allows for any size or shape of pool, but unlike other pool types they have to be made and then transported to the final resting spot at your home. This limits the sizes available for fiberglass pools, but makes a great option for unusual sizes or shapes. They can accommodate any added feature other pools can including added decking, steps, attached hot tubs , waterfalls, and more.

On top of custom sizes and shapes, fiberglass pools can also feature a cantilever deck which can then be combined with different pool finishes (tile, pebble, etc).

Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Building/Installation:

Fiberglass, if you didn’t already know, is lightweight and created by weaving glass threats together into a fabric. A polyester resin is then added to hold and keep the shape as well as harden the fiberglass. A weather-resistant gel is then added to give it the smooth finish it’s known for. After completion it is transported to your home and placed in the dugout hole. It can be completed in as little as 1-3 days, depending on the excavation and electrical work and the scheduling of the formation of the pool.


Most fiberglass pools maintain their pH levels with less monitoring and often do not have as much algae build up as concrete or vinyl pools. This can save you time on cleaning and money on chemical balancing chemicals. And of course, the less time and money you need to spend on your pool maintenance the more you can spend on cool new pool toys!

Most spots or water line markings can be cleaned with a sponge or rag with some basic pool cleaner but anything that cannot be remedied in that fashion should be addressed by a professional, as harsher chemicals can ruin the gel coating of your fiberglass pool .

Fiberglass Pool Is For Me?Pool technicians at Pool Daddy can help you take care of your fiberglass pool! We will make sure your pumps and filters are operating at peak efficiency and we’ll skim any debris, check pH levels, clean any spots, and vacuum anything that has settled to the bottom! Weekly maintenance is a great idea for any pool, but you can adjust the regular visits to suit your needs and your abilities. If you can check and balance your pH levels but you don’t want to keep the equipment around to do cleaning, we’ve got you covered! If you just want to save time and effort in learning how to clean your pool we can help with that, too!

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