Labor Day Pool Party 2015: Make Plans Now!Labor Day Pool Party 2015: Make Plans Now!

If you’re already using our weekly pool services you may want to go ahead and start planning that Labor Day Pool Party for the weekend! If you don’t already use our services, we offer one-time or semi-regular services which can help you get ready for your Labor Day Pool Party. Invite your friends, family members, and/or coworkers for some fun in the sun by the pool. Work on your tan a little more before you have to go back to work in the stuffy office, store, restaurant, or whatever you do. Get some of the kid’s energy out to help them settle into going back to school! Be the talk of the town because your Labor Day Pool Party must have cost a fortune or taken months of planning, when, in reality, it was easy as pie! Today we’ll talk about just how easy it can be to get ready for a Labor Day Pool Party, from pool maintenance to low-maintenance decorations and preparation.

  1. Get your pool ready: If you’re throwing a Labor Day Pool Party, it’s important to make sure your pool is clean, safe, and looking great. Ask our technicians to check any electrical components for light shortages, loose wires, or old and outdated equipment. A new pump or filter may just push your pool over the edge in high efficiency, making your party run smoothly and keeping you ready for a last-minute party (like a Day-Before-Labor-Day-Gathering). Small changes in your equipment or chemical levels can keep your pool clean and ready for even the pickiest of swimmers.
  2. Keep your skimmers empty, filters clean, and your nets handy: Depending on what your party will entail, cleaning our filters and skimmer baskets before the party will keep them from clogging from falling food, fireworks, and debris. Keep your pool nets handy in case someone drops a plate, cup, piece of food, or other item that can get stuck in the baskets or just make people question your pools cleanliness.
  3. Simplicity in design: You don’t need to decorate your whole home for a Labor Day Pool Party! Add a simple balloon or small sign at your front door, fence gate, or mail box to direct people where to go, and you can reuse some of your 4th Of July decorations for this party! Labor Day is about patriotism as well as recognizing the hard work we all do! Throw out some red, white, and blue decorations. You can usually find patriotic themed plates, banners, silverware, serving trays, and more cheap at your local party store this time of year—so don’t be afraid of getting some basic “Independence Day” items to keep you on a budget.
  4. Grill and Pot luck: The work shouldn’t just be on you, encourage everyone to bring a small dish or the drinks, silverware, charcoal, chips, etc. Have everyone contribute in the true fashion of Labor Day so no one gets over worked.
  5. Keep the pool clean before, during, and after: Weekly maintenance up until the party will ensure everything is running smooth, but keeping harmful debris out of the pool and cleaning the pool well soon after the party will keep your pool looking, smelling, and operating to perfection.

Ask us about weekly, monthly, one-time, or emergency maintenance and we’ll help you get and keep your pool clean through Labor Day and beyond!

Call Pool Daddy now for your Labor Day Pool Party plans..

Labor Day Pool Party 2015: Make Plans Now!

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