Almost everyone I’ve met said they love pools. It’s either they have one or they wish they had one. Having a pool in your home adds a unique feature to your landscape. It’s a beautiful sight. It also adds value to your home. Pool parties are great, and you cannot have one without a pool. While pools are a very good source of enjoyment and relaxation, it can also pose a danger. Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Are you living with an older person? Are you living with a disabled person? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, then this article should be of interest to you.

Pool Fence (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

3 Reasons Why You Should Install a Pool Fence

By default, pools should come with pool fences. In some countries, it’s mandatory. You may wonder if it’s really necessary to install pool fences. Well, here are 3 reasons why installing a pool fence is a great idea.

1. Safety and Accident Prevention

While you cannot totally avoid accidents, you can reduce the chances of it happening. A pool is as much source of enjoyment as it is dangerous. If you have kids or pets or disabled people, it poses more danger. You kids may fall into the pool accidentally and this could be fatal. Your pets may also fall into the pool and drown. So how do you minimize the chances of this occurring? It’s simple, get a pool fence installed. A pool fence will keep your kids and pets out of water when you’re away.

Adults can also fall into the pool and drown. Interestingly pool fences reduce the risk of a human drowning by 83%. It even saves you money. When the chances of an accident occurring are reduced, insurance coverage rate decreases too.

2. Prevents Pool Crashing

Yes, a pool fence can keep pool crashes away. Having strangers or even neighbors in my pool is a big no for me. The last thing I want to see when I get home is a human in my pool that I cannot identify as friend or family. To avoid this, I make use of a pool fence. You should too. It’s a clear indication that your pool isn’t public property. You don’t have to say a word to get this point across. With this, you keep the pool as yours and your guests alone.

3. It’s a Beautification Feature

You can make your pool fence its own feature. Or it can add to the beauty of your entire landscape. If you want your pool to be very private and secluded, you could use a high pool fence. If you want your pool to be seen and use the fence as a poolscape, you could go for more decorative ones. Just pick the best fit for you and your home. A fence doesn’t have to be too serious, you can make it fun.

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