Why You Should Brush Your Pools

It’s springtime, that means summer is around the corner. I’m sure you know what that means. Yes, it’s that time we spend our day at the beach or in our pools. For those of us that absolutely love pools and pool parties , this is the time we bask. How are you preparing for the reopening of your pools? How prepared are you for warmer weather? Do you know about brushing your pool?

Our pools deserve a lot of attention. It should always be kept clean. Why don’t you consider brushing your pools? Does that sound strange? There are reasons why brushing your pools is absolutely a good idea even if it’s stressful.

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Why Brushing Your Pool is Worth the Stress

You want to have a pool party that everyone will want to get into the pool and have fun. The last thing you want is your guests walking around the pool in their bathing suits without giving your pool a second glance. The latter scenario happens if your pool has calcium scales. Calcium scales can be avoided by brushing your pools.

Also, brushing avoids build-up of stains. These stains could be caused by sweat, oil, and dirt over time. More importantly, brushing your pool helps you prevent the growth of mildew and algae. This fact makes brushing worth it. Remember if algae grow out of control, your pool becomes unsafe for use.

An activity that keeps your pool clean, avoid build-up of stains and helps you prevent algae growth is certainly worth the stress.

When and How Often Should It Be Done

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To answer when you should brush your pool when it has just been plastered or pebbled. How often? Two to three times a day for two weeks. Chemicals you put in your pool can alter the quality of your pool. The chemical could be to prevent algae growth,  mildew growth or to remove stains. To help even distribute these chemicals, you can brush your pool. You should also brush your pool whenever you notice algae growth to get rid of it Asap.

How to Brush Your Pool

You need a brush with long adjustable handles to clean your pool. A pool has the shallow and the deep end. Start with the shallow end, brush it properly. Brush the floor and the walls of the shallow end and gradually work your way to the deep end. Wash both the floors and the walls of the deep end. Ensure you don’t neglect the drains, especially the main drain. Clean it as much as you can.

Pool daddy offers services that involve pool installation , pool treatment, and pool cleaning . We can answer any questions you have that relates to your pool and how to get the most out of it. Give us a call. Your satisfaction and relaxation is our priority.