Above Ground Pool Cleaning Tips: A Reminder

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Pool Cleaning Above Ground Tips: A Reminder

If you have an above ground pool, you may feel as if we at Pool Daddy AZ don’t talk much about you. We respect each and every one of our customers (and potential customers) so we’d like to spend some time helping out our above ground pool owners! These pool options are awesome for leasing a home, or if you’re unsure if you want to commit to an in-ground pool or if you are not zoned for such construction. These types of pools come in as many (if not more) styles as their in-ground counterparts, so let’s get to talk about the nitty-gritty: Cleaning. So let’s get to talking about important steps in keeping that pool of yours clean!

  1. Pumps and filters: As with any other type of pool, keeping your pump and filter running smoothly is the most important step. These circulate your water and push it through the filter, so if any part of that process isn’t working properly the cleanliness of your pool will suffer. Follow your pool pump instructions, but remember that most filters work best when run between 8 and 12 hours per day, and ensure the water is moving consistently.
  2. Skimmer: Use a pool skimmer or other net-like tools to remove debris so it won’t clog your pumps or filters.
  3. Clean Filters: It’s important to clean your filters by backwashing them when the pressure gets too high. Cartridge filters can often be cleaned by rinsing with a garden hose after removal, but the cartridge (as with filter sand) will need to be replaced eventually.
  4. Brushing and vacuuming: Once a week it’s important to brush and vacuum the pool walls to prevent algae build up.
  5. Testing and Chemicals: Keeping your chlorine and pH levels at the appropriate levels will keep everything working together.
  6. Shocking and Green Pool Clean up: Through basic use, things like debris, sunscreen, sweat, hair products, and other contaminants can cause irritation to swimmers. Shocking the pool regularly (once every week or so) will keep algae at bay and keep the pool clean. Algae growth when left unchecked can lead to green water and unsafe swimming conditions. Using an algaecide regularly is yet another way to keep algae at bay. Performing these tasks when the water has already become green, alongside regular circulation and normal pool cleaning procedures will help return the pool to its beautiful glory.

Much of the maintenance of an above-ground pool is similar to in-ground units, with the exception of certain heating units and extreme cleaning measures. Resurfacing is not done on these units, seeing as the main unit costs significantly less than in-ground pools. Replacing your above-ground unit isn’t an exorbitant expense, especially if you keep your filters and pumps!

If you have an above ground pool and want some help getting your above- green pool clean or you’re experiencing something you’re not used to, let us know. We offer weekly services as well as emergency services and one-time assistance. Any problem you encounter with your pool, we can help you with it.

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