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Welcome to PoolDaddyAZ.com! Pool Daddy Services AZ is a locally owned and operated, full service pool service & repair company serving the Phoenix Metro Area. From weekly chemical service, to tile cleaning, plaster repair/replaster remodels, pump/filter repair and replacements. Pool Daddy AZ is here to meet all of your pool service and maintenance needs with honest and reliable service.

Pool Daddy Services Offers Many….

We offer a range of professional pool and spa services throughout the Phoenix Metro area. We go above and beyond for all of our customers and guarantee that pool maintenance is headache free. Pool Daddy Service Technicians enjoy working with our customers and want to make life easier for them. These services include …

Pool Daddy Services Offers Weekly…

Weekly Pool Service with Pool Daddy starts with the removal of any collected debris and a visual inspection of the water for clarity, color and visible contaminants. Once this is complete we test the PH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels and adjust them as necessary. Your Pool Daddy technician will check that the water level is high enough for the pump to operate correctly and check filter pressure and backwash when required.  We clean the tile at the water line and add algaecide if necessary.  We brush the sides of the pool every time to keep your pool sparkling clean.  We want to keep your pool as clean as if it were our own.


Pool Daddy Services performs complete inspections of pools and spas and all the related equipment to ensure that your pool will operate at is its best.  Getting a pool inspection can save you money in the future by catching potential problems early.  Beyond just checking the pool and the surrounding  deck to be sure they are free of cracks and other potential hazards, we make sure that the pumps, heaters, filters, and drains are all working properly.

Green Pool Clean Up

No one wants to have a green pool but we can help by getting it cleaned up.  Here at Pool Daddy Services we take this very seriously because it can be a health danger to you as well as to your neighbors.  This is a process that can take hours if not days and we are dedicated to getting it done. We want you to have a sparkling pool again that you can enjoy.


Often times pool repairs be costly and overwhelming. With Pool Daddy Services, we can make the necessary repairs and have your pool in working order without all the worry. One of our experienced Service Technicians will give you a fair estimate and perform repairs you can trust.

Service Call Fee $85  * $40 credit given when repairs are performed by Pool Daddy

Pool Daddy Services - ArizonaSand Changes

Sand changes for your pool filter can often be a messy chore.  Here at Pool Daddy our technicians are trained to make this an easy process for you.  We handle everything with our outstanding service.

Pool Heaters

With the weather so beautiful in Arizona our clients like to use their pools and spas year round.  Our specially trained Pool Daddy technicians can keep your heater working great and repair it if the need arises.  No need to have a cold pool or spa here in the Phoenix Area.

Heating Pumps

Here in Arizona when the weather gets cold many of us still like to use our Pools.  Pool Daddy Services can make that happen with a heating pump which extracts the heat from outside air, upgrades it with a compressor, and then transfers the heat to the water.   Our trained technicians can help you get the right heating pump for your Phoenix Pool.

Above Ground Jacuzzi Repair

During the winter months many in Arizona use their above ground Jacuzzi. For some this may be the first time you have used it all year long and if you find something wrong Pool Daddy Services can help.  Our expert technicians will get your Jacuzzi back in working order.

Variable Speed Pump Repair/Installation

As of 2012 all pumps must be 2 speed or variable pumps here in Arizona. Your pump is what helps keep your pool clean by pushing all the water through your filters.  This is an important component of your pool so if you haven’t upgraded yet or your pump has gone out Pool Daddy Services can help.

Tile Cleaning

Arizona pools have beautiful tile and keeping it clean is a must.  If your tile is looking grungy and needs to be professionally cleaned we can do that for your here at Pool Daddy.

Salt Systems

Salt systems are different from your standard pool.  They require special attention to maintain that healthy balance.  Pool Daddy Technicians are trained to help maintain and repair any salt system for your Phoenix area pool.


Lights are what make your pool a beautiful oasis after dark.  We here at Pool Daddy Services can help you keep your lights running all year long so you will never be left in the dark.

Pressure Washing

A buildup of algae, dirt and other bacteria in you swimming pool is a common problem.  Fortunately, Pool Daddy Services can easily clean your pool inside and out with our Power Washing.  Cleaning your pool this way will save you energy and money as well.  Our technicians can make this an easy process.

…And much more!

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