Why Your Pools Need A Pool Fence

Do you have pets? If yes, then you know how adorable they are. Pets are like family to us. Apart from cats, our pets actually love to play with us (I own a dog, so…). Understandably, we want them to be sound and well taken care of always. We make appointments for them to see their vet doctors every month, we care about their diet, we walk them even when we’re tired and we groom them. We train them to protect themselves especially when we’re not around. But most times some pet owners forget about a hazard right in their homes, the pool .

Are Pools Really Dangerous?

The simple answer is yes. Pools are as dangerous to our pets as they are to little kids. While some pets (like the cat) totally avoid water and would not be seen near it, dogs love water. At the sight of a pool, my Snow gets very excited,  she almost yells “I want a swim”! The bad thing is the moment she gets into the water, she feels overwhelmed and frightened and then struggles to stay afloat. That’s what happens to some dogs because they are alone, they may panic and begin to drown.

You cannot watch your kids all the time and the same goes for our pets. It’s important to establish a safety system that functions in our absence. In this case a fence for the pool to prevent our pets from drowning.

Why Install a pool fence?

You need to install them for the safety of your pets. It’s a very efficient way to prevent pet drowning. They keep pets away from the pool edge. You have two options that may work for you. The first is the permanent pool fence. This is permanently installed around your pool. It helps improve safety, it even beautifies your pool.

Another option is the pet fence. You may not want to always have a fence around your pool or you may not like the look. That’s not a problem, you can use a pet fence. This fence is detachable. You can take it down when you want to swim and fix it back when you’re leaving the pool. Either way, you still safeguard your pets.

What other ways are there to protect my pets?

You can not go wrong with alarm systems. You can install an alarm in your pool that alerts you to any entry. This helps because if your pet falls in, the alarm will inform you. Another way is by installing a water alarm in your pet’s collar. This would also alert you if your pet falls into the water.

Try to keep pet doors that lead to the pool area close, especially when you’re leaving the house. All these methods may not be foolproof. So teach your pets to swim. Let them have a fighting chance.

If you’re thinking of getting a new pool and you have a pet,  don’t let this post scare you. Most pool packages come with a fence. You can easily get one and make sure to install it if you have a pet. You can opt for a fence that blends right into your landscape.

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