How to Make Your Pool Cooler than Your Neighbor’s

Pools are great and provide you with a great opportunity to relax your muscles and just let go. So, are you considering purchasing/installing a swimming pool ? It’s a great idea – an excellent investment, go for it. Do you already have one and just want to level it up a little? Sweet idea, don’t hold back. Make your neighbors know that you know your stuff!

There are some fantastic trends you should set your sights on if you want to install a new pool or just level things up with your existing pool.

LED Pool Lighting

This is one of the coolest features your swimming pool can possibly have. Installing LED lights on your swimming pool endows your pool with a magical look that does wonderful things to your the overall landscaping of your home. What makes it even better is the wide range of colors you can choose from – choose your color right and it will make for the most memorable night time swim. Hey, you take it up a notch and mix the colors – who says you must go with one color? You can also alternate between these colors. Your choice. Not only do LED lights provide aesthetic value to your pool, but they also have functional benefits.

What about the lighting bills? These lights consume very little power that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hydrotherapy Jets

That’s a mouthful. Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of disease, injury, and soothing of sore and aching muscles. Now combine that with the relaxing effects of a pool and you yourself spa-type experience right in your home. Installing hydrotherapy jets in your swimming pool can turn it to a location for an easily accessible healing soak. The pressure from the jets soothes sore and aching muscles, ideal for recovering from a heavy workout session. The calming and healing process is enhanced if your pool is heated.

Automated Maintenance

Drained Pool in ArizonaDoesn’t it seem cool to heat and clean up your pool, manage the pool covers and other routine maintenance right from your smartphone? Of course, it is. Don’t be of the mind that you’ll only experience it in the future, it’s already happening. Talk to your pool contractor about automation and you can experience this for yourself. Why bother with all the manual stuff when you can handle this from the comfort of your home? With improvements in home automation on the rise, continue to expect more and exciting smart home features.