Pool maintenance doesn’t only mean skimming out the leaves and adding chlorine to the water. You need a year-long commitment to make sure your pool is ready for use at any given time.

So we are going to talk about some things you can do regularly to make the pool maintenance easy for you this spring. When the weather in Arizona gets really hot, you can dip yourself into the crystal clear water and have a nice wet relaxation time.

Easy Pool Maintenance Tips for Spring


Pool Maintenance

Dust rolling in towards the swimming pool on a stormy Phoenix summer evening.

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1. Clean Out the Pool Filters

A task not just for pool season but year round, cleaning out the filters every four to six months or after a heavy storm (like the haboob dust storm in the picture above) can do wonders for the longevity of your filter mechanism. Keep in mind there are three types of filters out there, according to Better Homes and Gardens: Diatomaceous Earth Filters (DE), sand filters and cartridge filters.

The type you have will determine whether you simply hose them off, soak them in a cleaning solution or simply replace the entire cartridge. Whichever one you have, it must be cleaned or replaced to ensure the proper functioning and reduce the chance of clogging.

2. Vacuum the Pool

Before opening up the pool this spring, and throughout the entire warm season, don’t neglect this important part of pool maintenance. This Old House says the average Phoenix pool needs about a half hour of vacuuming. The best way to achieve this is to move slowly in overlapping, parallel lines like you’re doing the lawn.

Be on the lookout for a floating hose, which could signal a hole in the line or reduced suction which signals a filter that’s full. Don’t forget to brush extra algae off with a nylon brush attached to your vacuum pool.

We recommend using the brush to get the extra dirt that collects on the pool steps and the pool walls, especially with Pebble Tec pools. A good brushing will help to move everything to the bottom of the pool where the vacuum will be most effective.

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3. Ditch the Debris Surrounding the Pool

Regularly throughout the summer season, a big part of your maintenance routine is ensuring the surrounding landscape stays out of the pool. This Old House advises trimming back any trees and bushes that are overhanging the pool or that cause blossoms, acorns, leaves, and pollen to land in the pool.

There are some common culprits here in Phoenix with the desert landscaping that can shed quite often such as palm trees and bougainvillea plants. By trimming these plants down as much as possible you will reduce the overall amount of pool maintenance that is required each week.

It just takes a couple of minutes to skim the pool and clear out the skimmer basket, but this is an important step to keeping your filter system working in tip-top shape.

With these tips, we are sure you can scale through the warm months. Expect to have a healthy pool to always dip yourself in. And when summer comes, these tips can also help you.

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