Pool DaddyWelcome to Pool Daddy, your solution to all of your pool maintenance needs in the Phoenix Metro area.  Some companies only offer cleaning, some only do repairs. And some will overcharge you. At Pool Daddy, we do nearly anything related to pools. And we won’t charge your first born child. Today we’ll talk about some of our pool services.

Pool Maintenance Services

If you have a pool and you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to keep it up, call us. We offer weekly services for general maintenance.

  • Trained technicians will inspect the clarity, color, and contaminant levels of the water after a thorough removal of debris.
  • Next, the pH is tests alongside the chlorine and alkalinity levels. If any of these settings are not satisfactory, they will be adjusted during our visit.
  • The water level will be checked to ensure the proper function of the pump and filters will be checked and maintained.
  • Tile and the sides of the pool will be scrubbed and an algaecide may be applied if the technician feels it’s necessary.
  • Weekly cleaning will keep your pool clean and running well all year long. It can also heavily reduce the chance of problems which will need repair and if the repair is needed, our technicians will fix it on the spot (additional fees will apply) or they can schedule the repair.

Pool Cleaning and Inspection

Whether you have a personal pool at your home or you run a hotel, motel, apartment complex, or public swimming pool , we’re here to clean and inspect your pool. While cleaning can prevent many issues with equipment and sanitation, inspections go deeper. Inspections fully investigate the quality and functionality of pumps, heaters, filters, and check the pool tile and near-by areas for cracks or other potentially hazardous problems. This will keep you, your family, and/or your tenants healthy and cool in the hot summer sun. It’ll also keep your Jacuzzi’s, spas, and pools at the perfect temperature year-round.

General Pool Repairs

General repairs can be time-consuming and costly when done through the wrong people. Sure, there may be some parts you can replace yourself, or you may feel confident in your ability to repair the pool pump. Someone who isn’t fully trained may end up causing more damage than was initially there.  Our technicians are fully trained and will come to your location to give a fair estimate (with a $45 service call fee, which will be waived with repair).

Solution to Green Pool problem and Restoration

There’s almost nothing grosser than a green pool . Algae and other bacteria or grown can cause many health problems to those using the pool and those around you. While chlorine is designed to decrease the green mess, it will not fully prevent it. Regular cleaning will keep a pool fresh. But should your pool go green, we’ll find out why and restore your pool back to the oasis-like beauty. This process may take several hours or a few days, but in the end it’s worth it. Never enter a pool which looks green, or you may end up feeling green yourself. Do yourself and those around you a favor and call us.

Pool Daddy Arizona

These are some of the basic, common services Pool Daddy offers. Next week we’ll discuss more specific services like tile cleaning, Jacuzzi repair, and pressure washing. Send us a message from our website and let’s begin getting your pool and recreation back on track. Even though fall is transitioning into winter, you still have a few weeks to have fun. And we can help you with Pool Winterization in the coming months. It is not too early to call us about Pool Winterization.