Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance nearbyWith Spring coming all of the winterized pools will be opening up and before you know it the temperatures will rise, the humidity will increase, and pool party season will be in full swing! So, let’s get ready to open up those pools and hot tubs for some Spring and Summer fun! Our weekly services will keep your pool functioning and your life easier.

  1. A clean pool is a happy pool: With weekly pool upkeep, your pool will stay cleaner longer. Our technicians will make sure your filters are fully operating, pumps are working, and your pool is in peak condition. Get this checked weekly to prevent or catch potential problems.
  2. Health: If your pool has grime floating around or the salt or pH levels are off your swimmers will notice. It could cause health issues as well. No one wants plant debris getting in hair or chemical imbalances irritating their skin.
  3. Water lines: While the color and balance of water are important, cleaning at the water line is important in keeping algae and other growth at bay. We also check on the pump systems and ensure the water level is at the correct location so your pool stays full and functional with minimal effort to you.
  4. Pool MaintenanceBeneath the waterline: Each visit includes brushing of the sides of the pool to remove growth and build-up to help prevent getting a green pool . Forget buying your own brushes and doing the work yourself. This is the part most pool owners dread the most, so worry no more.
  5. Functioning pumps: Some pumps need to undergo a backflow process, filters or sand need to be cleaned or changed. This will keep your pool cleaner longer and prevent costly repairs in the future.
  6. Pride: Our technicians care about your pools as much as if they were their own. This is our job, our livelihood, and we want to make all of our customers happy with pools that are clean, high functioning, and amazing.
  7. Hot tubs: Don’t forget your spa, Jacuzzi, or hot tub ! If it’s not working at maximum efficiency, why work at all? Keep it running smoothly with cleaning and maintenance service to keep it running year-round.

Our job is to keep you (and your pool) happy so you can enjoy your pool instead of focusing on cleaning and maintaining it. This spring and summer could be the year you’re the talk of the town with a crystal clear pool and the best pool parties around.

We also offer inspections (Great for before those big parties or for apartment complexes, hotels, and more), repairs, intensive cleaning, and more. Check out our service page for more information and details.

Just call Pool Daddy for all your swimming pool service needs…