Some of you may be asking: does this sort of thing exist? Yes, they do. Pool contractors like us have heard quite a lot from our customers. Some are ridiculous and others just make you marvel at the dynamics of the human mind. Some of you may have a heard a few of them. We’re going to be busting a few of them today. If you know some, just let us hear it in the comment section.

Swimming pool with elegance

Swimming pool with elegance

Swimming within an hour after eating will give you cramps

While this may be true on some levels, it’s false on most. The assertion is that during digestion, blood is moved to the stomach to aid digestion. For this reason, adequate blood may not flow into the muscles to assist in swimming. Claims have it that you run a small chance of getting cramps if you swim after eating, so it’s advisable to eat a light meal before swimming. Although there’s factual evidence to support this claim, cases are very uncommon.

Chlorine will burn your eyes if you open them underwater

Although chlorine has proven to be an irritant, it will not burn your eyes underwater. The reason you feel your eye burn is the water. Yes, the pool water. The water is just not right, in fact, it’s acidic. Its pH level has fallen way below the safe point. There are various reasons why the pH of your pool will fall. One of them is chiefly the presence of too much rainwater in your pool. To tackle the issue of low pH, it’s advised you add Sodium Bicarbonate and some pH increaser. You can prevent this from happening by installing pool cover to shield your pool from rainfall.

Chorine in the pool water will turn your hair green

Your hair may turn green alright, but it’s not as a result of the chlorine dissolved in the water. On a contrary, chlorine has no effect on your hair whatsoever. It’s the presence of copper minerals in the pool. Your Swimming pool is treated regularly with algaecides to make it conducive and safe for your use. These algaecides contain compounds of copper. It’s the copper minerals that react with the proteins present in your hair to produce the green residue you may observe in your hair. This is nothing to worry about. Washing your hair with shampoo can get the residue off. If it freaks you out, endeavor to wash your hair with shampoo before swimming.

Blue dye can detect if someone has urinated in a pool

We professional pool contractors have heard and agree this is the hilarious pool myths ever told. Many adults believe this too. This false of course, there’s no element of truth in it.

Now you are better educated about these myths, educate your family and friends. Don’t hesitate to inform us of any inhibitions you face as a result of other myths making the airwaves. We will let you know if they are true or not.

Got a myth to share? Drop it in the comment section!