Pool Party Ways to Use Pool in April and May

Pool Party Ways on Holidays

It’s not quite summer but you’re itching for pool parties and days lounging on pool rafts. Don’t worry, there’s always an excuse to throw a pool party !

Pool PartyCinco de Mayo

May 5th is a Mexican holiday. It’s also a great excuse to throw a pool party (just like St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to throw a pool party with green beer and funny hats). Bring your friends and neighbors and family members by to have a Cinco de Mayo pool party with tequila and tacos and sombreros.

Mother’s Day (May 10)

Invite your mother to your home for a day of pool party fun. Be it lounging in the pool, playing with the kids, or even a spa day in your Jacuzzi she’ll love it!

Graduations, Birthdays, and More

Kids are graduating high school and college in the coming months. Save on a venue and house cleaning by throwing a pool party instead! Same goes for birthday parties of all ages! Skip Chuck-E-Cheese and stay at home with a pool party. Stock up on sodas, snacks, and pool party toys and let them have at it.

Pool PartyEarth Day (April 22)

Turn off all lights in your home for several hours of the day and appreciate the beauty that is outside for earth day. Serve salad, fruit, and other food options that require little preparation and cool storage. Same goes for Arbor Day (April 24) only maybe throw in some potted trees or plant a tree in your neighborhood before or after the swimming and nature-appreciation.

Memorial Day (May 25)

It’s a bit early to be talking about this, but bring over your veteran friends and family to swim around in the pool or veg out in the hot tub to show them your appreciation.

No matter how you use your pool this spring, do it right by making sure everything is running smooth. Our weekly pool services can include inspections, cleaning, filter checks, and more. It’s important to make sure your pool, hot tub , or Jacuzzi is running smoothly at all time for the longevity of the equipment as well as the safety of the users and home. Schedule your regular visits now and have everything running smooth and perfect by the time temperatures start staying towards 100 degrees every day.

Pool PartyIf you still haven’t dewinterized your pool, we can help you with that. Call today to schedule the reopening of your public or personal pool and schedule our weekly service. We’ll catch what needs to be replaced, repaired, cleaned, or flushed so that’s one less thing for you to worry about and you’ll be one step closer to an open pool that’s fun and safe for everyone.

So stock up on those pool party toys and pool-friendly snacks because it’ll only get warmer from here! Let’s get those pools working at max capacity and with little to no stress on you.

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