Pool Repair Types You May Need In Phoenix Arizona

You think you know a repair when you see one, right? Well, that is probably true, but there are a lot of types of damage that can happen to all types of pools. Some repairs you might not even know you need. Things that affect the way the pool looks can be obvious, such as cracked tile, damaged lights, leaks, etc. What might not be as obvious are things like failing pumps, a pool turning green, and other issues. Today we’ll talk about some issues you may come across with your pool where calling a technician will be a good idea!

Before you jump to replacing failed systems or resurfacing your pool, contact a professional and the good ones will know when a repair will do the job or when a replacement will be needed. Listen to the professionals and never be afraid to call us, even if it’s a small problem!

Lining, and Other Pool Surfaces:

  • Concrete pools are prone to cracks over time, especially when in areas with temperature shifts (mostly areas where freezing is a problem). Small cracks can be easily fixed but if left unattended can become quite large and require extensive work and completely re-doing your pool walls!
  • Some pools contain vinyl lining, and this can tear, much like concrete can crack! Small tears should be addressed immediately, but replacing the vinyl when large tears appear is cheaper than repairing large cracks in concrete.
  • While you aren’t likely going to find cracks in fiberglass, you can find mineral deposits or chemical reactions that have caused discoloration. This is when acid washing may be required to keep your pool water clean and clear!

If you catch a crack or some discoloration in your pool lining, floor or walls, contact technicians for pool repair (like those at Pool Daddy ) to see if they can stop a minor problem before it turns into a catastrophe.

Pumps and Filters:

Here’s where it can get tricky to catch problems. A lot of pool owners don’t realize they’ve having pump or filter issues until the entire unit has shut down! A similar issue comes when the pump and filter do not work well together due to the incompatibility of systems. While solving problems with pumps and filters can be as simple as removing clogs or changing sand or filters, it can be electrical problems or other more complicated issues. If you suspect issues with pumps or filters, contact a technician for pool repair to figure out the best course of action to get your system working again!

Safety Features:

Any time you suspect an issue with any system of your pool there’s a chance the safety features have shut off power to that device to prevent damage to other systems and swimmers. This can include heaters or pool covers that use electricity. If a system has been shut off from the safety feature, contact a technician for pool repair before turning anything back on or allowing people in the pool.

You can have Pool Daddy for all your pool repair and maintenance.



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Pool Repair Types You May Need In Phoenix Arizona
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Pool Repair Types You May Need In Phoenix Arizona
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