indexWe’re 3 weeks away from this beautiful holiday and we’d like to help you make it memorable and safe. Today we’re going to take some time to give you some ideas as to how to incorporate your pool (if you didn’t close it for the season) or your Jacuzzi/ hot tub . As always, we love helping you keep your pools and hot tubs clean and running smooth, because we love pools as much as you do!

Here’s our ideas on how to make this February 14th one for the record books!

  • Hot Tub Romance: Valentine’s Day being a Sunday means you and your partner can probably spend the whole day together, so why not plan in some Tubbin’ time? Turn on the jets, bring out the rose petals, and serve the bubbly! Before this surprise, have us stop by to inspect the unit and get it sparkling clean for you! You don’t need algae growth ruining the mood and making you and your hot tub partner slip around. Note: Be careful using rose petals to set the mood– check with us about how chlorine will affect the petals and how the petals will affect the water. You may want to opt for a synthetic– and reusable– option.
  • Couples Night: Bring by another couple (or more) for some couples night fun! Board games, movies, and some time in the hot tub! Unwind before the work week gets started again! Spread the love, guys.
  • Pools: If your pool is open (as well as clean, balanced, and working properly with our help) then you may find yourself able to surprise your partner with a pool party with your closest friends or other couples. You can also purchase any number of interesting multi-person floats for your pool. This will allow you to lay with your love to look at the clouds or the stars while you float peacefully across the water without a care in the world.
  • Indoor pools: Embrace your inner child and splash around instead of the droll exercising you probably do with your indoor units. Bring out the floats, or take a page from the hot tub romance and bring out rose petals and a floating bar or other interesting pool accessory. Relax the stress from the previous week away with warm water and the best company.

No matter how you spend your February 14th this year, we hope it’s a great one! Don’t forget that Pool Daddy AZ can help you with almost every pool and hot tub need you have! We can help you keep your units running year round as well as close them for Winter and open them for Spring or Summer.